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Registering your Douglas for the road.

Started by Roger Gibbard, 20 Jul 2007 at 16:18

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Roger Gibbard

The London Douglas Motor Cycle Club operates a service for owners of those Douglases that have no registration numbers.  It is acknowledged that at times during the years 2003 - 2005 there were sometimes delays or failure to respond to owners' requests, the result being that they sought other routes for registering their machines.  Management of the Machine Register changed in 2006 and response to owners' requests is now normally achieved within a week.  This service costs £25 per application and is available to Club members or non-members alike. 
Where there is indisputable documentary evidence of a bike's legitimacy the Machine Registrar will apply to the DVLA on behalf of the owner for the recovery of the original registration number.  If such evidence does not exist he will, subject to proof of frame and engine numbers and photographs of the complete machine, issue an Age-related Validation Certificate in support of the owner in his application for an age-related registration number.
Regarding the authenticating of machines, the Club, through its archives and members, has a vast amount experience and knowledge of the marque.  In the case of post-war production it has access to Works records which provide the date a machine was despatched from the factory and dealer to which it was sent.
G. Roger


It is probably stating the obvious, but worldwide forum members should note this applies to registering your Dougie in the UK.



Don`t expect to get an accurate age related reg,( ie two letters four numbers), without a fight, DVLA are very reluctant to give them out, but will gladly sell you one for a four figure sum, even to the VMCC. 


I was looking at the Vic Roads website for registration purposes yesterday  .As a matter of interest I looked up the laws pertaining to bicycles. I found this description interesting:

Under the road rules, a bicycle is a vehicle that has one or more wheels that is built to be propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears (whether or not it has an auxiliary motor).
Under the road rules, pedicabs, penny farthings, tricycles and unicycles are all considered to be bicycles.
Bicycles may be fitted with an auxiliary motor, provided the motor is not capable of generating a power output of over 200 watts.
Scooters, wheelchairs, wheeled recreational devices, wheeled toys and any vehicle with an auxiliary motor capable of generating a power output of over 200 watts (whether or not the motor is operating) are not considered to be bicycles.

Does "The Fairy" or "Fee" Douglas have that output? If so ,being pedal operated as well wouldn't it fall under this description?
Now that would be an unregistered  push bike worth having in the shed !....or living room depending on your marrital status :D
"My first car was a motorcycle"


200 Watts is just over a 1/4hp, and even a sick Fairy ought to be able to manage that!



I certainly hope the Fairy puts out more than 1/4hp. When I get it running, I don't want to pedal up every hill!


 :lol:   Thank you both for your reply.

cheers Michael
"My first car was a motorcycle"