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Engine recommissioning
« on: 22 Oct 2012 at 15:21 »
At long last the Mk4 engine is back in the frame after a rebuild.  When I put the cyl heads on I reused the copper head gaskets which were annealed prior to assembly, but was disappointed that one of them was blowing, so off with both heads in order to fit new gaskets obtained via the club.  I was not too unhappy about having the heads off, as I was then able to check the bores, which were fine.  One thing does concern me though, is that on the left cylinder (sitting on the bike), the pushrods and valve gear had a bit of oil splashed on them, but the right hand side was more or less free of oil.  Fortunately I had coated surfaces with Graphogen so that they were not running dry, but am a bit worried that something may be amiss, although, at the moment am not sure what the problem could be.  To put it into perspective, I suppose the engine has been running in short burst for less than 20 minutes and it hasn't been ridden yet, so maybe I need to run it longer.  I assume that the valve gear and cylinders are "splash fed" - thoughts any-one? Also, is it common practice to use exhaust paste on the pipes at both cyl head and woffle box joins? Comments gratefully received.

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Re: Engine recommissioning
« Reply #1 on: 27 Oct 2017 at 17:06 »
Hi mark v,  have just read your engine re- commission as I am going down a similar path,. at present my engine looks like a spares book.  Your concern about oil on the pushrods, I would like to see them receive a good splash from the crank case entering the push rod tunnels, on considering the direction of rotation clock wise looking at the timing case possibly more so on off side cylinder, here's hoping I can confirm my theory when I've gathered a few more of those elusive parts. Cheers. Phil 1.