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The Forum and replies
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Forum Participants   Just recently I had occassion to pull or edit a few of my comments  I dont know about some of you but to me when you go to the trouble to take and present pictures and text how much trouble is it to make a reply regardless of you thoughts about what is presented.      Secondly if you see a new topic asking or maybe screaming out for comment do you allow the subject to get 100 hits without one single reply ,    then  finally the originator pulls out the text and feels like a goose.    We have just had our position shown in the London Douglas New Conrod  Magazine and we can now expect  many more members   So use your keyboard  and participate not just a spectator   regards Al       PS  sorry Mr Moderator but I have made a few adjustments to my earlier submissions members re read if you wish   Al
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Re: The Forum and replies
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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your comments - you make some good points. Keep up the good work.