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Douglas Racing Pistons
« on: 02 Apr 2007 at 09:52 »
G'day all
I was digging out some bits for a mate on the weekend and came across these Douglas pistons.
I would imagine they both came from RA models...I did not measure them.
Do they look familiar to anyone.

larger view
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Re: Douglas Racing Pistons
« Reply #1 on: 03 Apr 2007 at 01:13 »
The one on the left matches illustrations of an RA piston. It also has the central wrist (gudgeon) pin bearing to suit the forked small end of the RA connecting rod.

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The one on the right is anyone's guess, other than it would have had a pretty high compression! If it is more in the region of 62.25mm diameter then I would say a high compression DT piston. Douglas did usually stamp their trademark in the crown of the piston, and often also marked the exhaust valve pocket, or the inlet valve pocket, or both!

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