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Endeavour special, ex-Lofty Daniell
« on: 24 Aug 2008 at 23:56 »
I acquired Lofty Daniel’s old Endeavour special, which has been out of circulation for many a year. My understanding is that it was on display with Lofty’s other bikes in the Combe Martin Museum since the early seventies, until the bike collection was auctioned off in 1990 (museum closed?) Since then it has been in storage, before being put up for sale again the end of 2006. I think the bike has been off the road for thirty-five years.

The special entails a 1935 Endeavour, to which a small airbox DT crankcase has been grafted. Onto that are installed a set of 1931-35 OHV cylinders and heads. Note that the cylinder heads are swapped side to side to achieve forward facing exhausts (placing the exhausts on the timing side of the engine if it were still in the fore and aft alignment.) This required a new camshaft to be made, swapping the positions of the inlet and exhaust lobes, and the angle between same. The mechanical oil pump available with the DT small airbox seems to have been abandoned, and an AJS pump driven off the end of the magneto gear is used instead; presumably to allow for a full re-circulating system. A remote cable release telescopic side stand, dual seat (Ariel or Velo?), T35/Mark 3 forks, Plus front brake, large 120MPH car speedometer, positive stop foot change, many tommy-bars and wing nuts for quick repairs, and a surprisingly effective dual chime bulb horn round out the modifications.

At first I thought this may be the same Endeavour special that Bob Thomas had built back in 1944 or so. But now I am not so sure. Were it the same a lot of additional alterations were made by Lofty since Bob's machine was featured in the 30Nov44 issue of Motor Cycling. This bike is AA111, does anyone know what the frame number of Bob’s special was? Current thought is Lofty built this from scratch, perhaps inspired by Bob’s machine. I have heard that yet another, possibly third, Endeavour special has turned up in the Midlands area. An engine prefix for a OHV Endeavour was allocated by the factory, but according to an interview provided by Eddie Withers years ago, while it was the intension to produce an OHV ‘Sport’ Endeavour, no such machine was ever actually made. However the context is vague; no such machine offered for sale, or no such prototype built?

If anyone has any information re- Lofty’s Endeavour, re- its construction and reminiscences on early club runs, I would love to hear it. I would like to collect any such stories and keep them with the bike. As for the machine, it needs tidying up, but I do not see any reason to convert it back into original Endeavour specifications. There have been several very nice Endeavour restorations completed in the last few years that well represent the model, so I think it better to leave this one to represent what it is, a hybrid. I am of mixed emotions over the Post Office red paint job though!

A early LDMCC run to Devon to visit Lofty in Illfercombe, Lofty and his Endeavour special are last machine on the right.

Note frame cut away to clear BTH dyno-mag-

The back of the DT crankcase has been milled flat to mate up to the Endeavour gearbox. Not sure what else was done inside.

Note spark plug wrench clipped to back of tool box. Bike came with about a dozen spare used plugs in the tool box, suspect oiling was a problem!

Plus front hub in T35 or Mark 3 front forks. Mudguard stays are attached to the leading axle links, giving a severe nodding action to the front mudguard as the suspension works.

Car clock and the strident dual-chime horn. Missing the instrument panel lamp if anyone has a spare to sell.

The circular cover at the front of the engine is an aluminum sauce pot.

Behind which is the remains of the DT small airbox, and the plumbing for the oil lines. An AJS pump is driven off the end of the magneto.

A positive stop foot-change mechanism has been grafted on. Not sure of donor, but lever has Burman cast into it. All very loose and not functioning.

Worm's eye view, genuine Devon grime! A small sump has been welded (crudely) to the bottom of the DT crankcases to collect the oil. Similar to what was on the F/G31 models. Front cross frame tube has been cut away, and a angle iron bracket substituted to pick up the engine mounting lugs of the DT motor. 

The rear drive and knock-out wheel spindle, converted to universal joint as most have been.

The secret to the reversed cylinder heads. A purpose made camshaft. Looks professionally made, and fortunately seems to be in good condition.

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Re: Endeavour special, ex-Lofty Daniell
« Reply #1 on: 13 Dec 2009 at 13:35 »
I RECENTLY SOLD An inspection light on ebay i thought it was triumph, but i see it also fits an endeavour
the speedo looks a bit vincent like in the pic