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Mark Series Maintenance Guide
« on: 16 Feb 2007 at 05:45 »
John Holmes has kindly sent in this most informative guide to the post-war Mark series. The opening two paragraphs read as follows:


This information is aimed at persons new to the post-WWII "Mark" series Douglas 348cc OHV  twin motor cycles.  The excellent illustrated parts list, entitled "Spare Parts for Douglas Motor Cycles 1946-1951", will be used in the order in which the illustrations occur.  The drawings within this volume are for an early Mk.V, although many parts are interchangeable with the earlier Marks.  The "Douglas Motor Cycles Maintenance Manual 1948-1954" will also help you.  Copies of these books are still available, the supplier's name and address are at the end of this article. 

This is written as a guide rather than a definitive version and the views expressed, which may not always be shared by others, are mine and are based on experience of working on Mk.I, Mk.III, Mk.III Sports, Mk.IV and Mk.V machines.
It should be noted that in the Douglas Club the Mk.I is usually known as a T35. However as the Douglas works GA (General Arrangement) drawings refer to ALL  their  machines as T35, e.g. T35-90 Plus.  I thought it would be easier to stick to the designated model, i.e. Mk.I, etc.

The Guide is 41 pages long, about 6.2Mb in file size.
To download to your PC, right click the link below with the mouse and choose "Save as..." or similar.
To open in your browser, right click the link below with your mouse and choose "Open in a new Tab" or "Open in a new window".

John Holmes Douglas Mk.I Mk.V Guide in PDF format.

[Link altered to newer version of document.  08Oct16. -Doug, Site moderator]
[Newer version of document.  08Oct16. -Doug, Site moderator]
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Re: Mark Series Maintenance Guide
« Reply #1 on: 28 Feb 2007 at 23:01 »
And what an excellent guide this is Dave.

As a complete and utter novice Douglas owner (of nearly two weeks now) you referred me to John's guide in an earlier posting - I immediately viewed and downloaded it, bought the illustrated parts guide, which I received today. Tonight I have read them in conjunction with each other and I could see daylight.

John Holmes guide is brilliant and whilst much of what he explains seems currently beyond my own mechanical capability I reckon using his guide I would have a jolly good go if I had too.

Thanks for highlighting it's existence and a great big thanks to John Holmes for taking the time and trouble to share some of his expertise.

Matt Embleton

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Re: Mark Series Maintenance Guide
« Reply #2 on: 08 Oct 2016 at 20:23 »
An updated version from 2013 has been uploaded, superseding the previous 2007 version. Use the hyperlink in the first post to access.