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First run
« on: 24 Dec 2006 at 20:30 »
We ran the Douglas round the paddock a few times and took a movie. Hopefully this works !! Please note that the file is 1.6MB. If anyone knows how to cut down the size would appreciate the advice.

a video of the first test run can be viewed HERE
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Re: First run
« Reply #1 on: 25 Dec 2006 at 01:15 »
Very nice, did I detect a little bit of flat-track action going on just at the end?  :wink:

By all accounts the OC models are really tractable with a good turn of speed out on the open road, so I think you will be quite pleased when you get off the grass. As well as terrified, the first time you need the rely on the brakes! Don't break it before the centenary rally.

Nice job, congratulations on the first run.