Author Topic: Has anyone seen my old Douglas MK5? pkp 541 (alf burgess)  (Read 3936 times)

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this was originally posted quite a while ago by alf burgess and i stumbled upon it by accident, i dont know if he still a member but i have info on the number plate but not the bike

'I would be interested to hear from the present owner of my old Douglas MK5 Registration no. PKP 541 which I sold to John Galloway of Glasgow around 1978.

Regards, Alf Burgess'

I have the number plate mentioned above (PKP 541) but it is on my aston martin lagonda and has been for quite a few years, chances are that if the number plate has been transferred then the bike may not be about or if it is it will have a different plate which would make the bike almost impossible to track, sorry its not useful info on the bike but i thought you might like to know