Author Topic: Lucas Dynamo/Armature/Regulator needed.  (Read 4463 times)

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Lucas Dynamo/Armature/Regulator needed.
« on: 06 Dec 2006 at 04:32 »
Hi all,

Needed urgently – an armature for a Lucas dynamo or a complete dyno for my 1948 T35 – the present armature is branded with the number 200304 on the rotor – the case has this number stamped externally E.3.HM-10 although the last digit is indistinct – beneath that is another number prefixed with a symbol that looks like this   but which may have once have been a Y within an O – the symbol has the digits 20 immediately following it - there may have been more numerals that are not now legible due to surface wear – all this may not have identification significance anyway.

Of less urgency, I need a Lucas regulator for the same machine – the current one is branded with what appears to be the same symbol as the one on the dyno case followed by the numeric/alpha numbers 37144 A  1-53 and below that MCR2  L3  6V.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may have either of the above parts for sale or know from where they may be sourced.

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