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1927 Douglas SW5
« on: 09 Oct 2006 at 06:05 »
Hi all,
There's some nice machinery on offer at the Verrall's site linked by Stuart - apart from Douglas there are a number of quite exotic makes including a 1913 Clyno outfit - well worth a browse.

They have listed a 1927 Douglas SW5 which is said to be "In good unrestored condition" - the asking price is a mere £12,750 - not too bad if it was the same number of $A! I've copied the photo below for those who might contemplate its purchase. Follow this link to navigate through the current stock photographs.

The copyright for this text and photo is owned by the Seller. It is reproduced here as publicity for the sale only and should not be used elsewhere without the permission of the Seller. Should the Seller wish to have the text or photo removed from display, please email: (replace -at- with @) and it will be removed immediately.
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