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500cc Dragonfly
« on: 08 Oct 2006 at 22:43 »
Verralls of Handcross  (  are advertising a 500cc Dragonfly! I've never heard of such a thing. Does anybody know anything about them? I can't believe they've made it up.

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Re: 500cc Dragonfly
« Reply #1 on: 09 Oct 2006 at 05:25 »
No Stuart - Verralls have certainly not "made it up" - this is a fine example of the Dragonfly complete with a snazzy sidecar - it is said to be a "1957 500cc Dragonfly Special with Steib sidecar - the asking price is £8500 - I'll leave it to those who know these things to explain what might have been modified to make this one a 'special' but it sure is a nice looking outfit!
I've reproduced the photo from Verrall's site below...

I note that they also have a 1927 SW5 for sale - see separate posting.


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Re: 500cc Dragonfly
« Reply #2 on: 10 Oct 2006 at 03:22 »
There have been a handful of these conversions carried out on postwar models. Basically it entails making new steel (for convenience) cylinder barrels and boring out the crankcase mouth for the largest practical piston size that the base stud pattern permits. Still it ends up a bit short on displacement. I forget the exact value but it ends up in the region of 470cc if I recall correctly.