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New Photo Forum
« on: 15 Sep 2006 at 21:13 »

You will notice a new forum has appeared on the main page called Photo Guide to Douglas Motorcycles by Model

The idea is to create a photo reference library of all Douglas motorcycles grouped by similar model.

To get things started, a few existing photos from the site have been posted.

You are welcome to add photos and/or post comments about any of the machines.

A few guidelines to keep in mind.
  • Please see How to Post Photos for technical assistance.
  • Photos can be of motorcycles in any condition but preferably complete machines.
  • Photos from books and magazines are generally copyright and cannot be posted without the owner's permission
  • If you are uncertain about anything, just send your photos to the address shown in this topic.



Updated details for emailing photos - Dave, 11Feb2021
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