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VVC MCC Annual Rally to feature Douglas
« on: 07 Oct 2006 at 12:54 »
Hi all,
The following communication has been received from Peter Davey on behalf of the Veteran Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT....

Planning Committee
Australian Douglas Centenary Rally
Dear Alwyn
I have pre-registered for the rally and my full registration will follow shortly. I have just started restoration of my 1948 MK3S so the push is on to have it ready and I am registering in anticipation of achieving this. I am writing to you to extend an invitation to you and all Douglas riders to the Annual Rally of the ACT VVC MCC from January 26th to 28th 2007. The reason I am specifically sending you this invitation is because our club always has a feature marque or configuration of motorcycle and has this year selected for the feature marque the Douglas in celebration of the Centenary. Entry forms will soon be available on the website at . I would appreciate it it you could alert entrants to the Centenary Rally of this event. It may prove to be a useful fettling opportunity and we would be very pleased to welcome Douglas riders in particular but historic motorcycle riders in general. Many thanks, Peter Davey

This is an open invitation extended by the Veteran Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT to all Douglas owners and enthusiasts to attend their event which will occur about 3 months ahead of our own Australian Douglas Centenary Rally in April next year - it is another opportunity to celebrate the centenary of Douglas and is seen as an ideal precursor to the ADCR -  the ADCR Planning Committee commends the event and urges forum members and entrants to the ADCR to seriously consider taking part in it. As Peter points out, entry forms will be available shortly - we will monitor the VVC MCC ACT site and report breaking news about the event both here and in Special Events.

ADCR Planning Committee
per Alwyn
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