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EW chain noise
« on: 30 Apr 2006 at 12:43 »
I can hear an occasional 'clank; in my transmission like a loose chain however they are adjusted correctly but if I look at the front sprocket of my EW as I rev it up there is sideways movement on the chain behind the flywheel clutch . at first I thought it was a loose bearing or sprocket ,but on closer examination there is a lot of sideways movement between the sideplates of the chain and the sprocket faces. what is the correct primary chain size for a 1926 EW?

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Re: EW chain noise
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2006 at 03:39 »
Renolds currently list four sizes of ‘nominally’ 1/2”x3/16” chains:

Number      Pitch       Inside width   Bush/roller diameter
#111044      0.500”       0.126”      0.305”
#111046      0.500”       0.192”      0.305”
#110044      0.500”       0.205”      0.335”
#110046      0.500”       0.305”      0.335”

Current thoughts are Douglas used #110044 on the primaries of twenties era lightweight machines (350cc EW), and the veteran machines utilized #111046. 

You may have the wider #110046 (note extra zero!) chain fitted, giving too much side clearance.  Or your clutch sprocket may be worn by someone having run too narrow a chain on it in the past, giving it too much side clearance even with the proper chain fitted now.