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Douglas Milestones
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Douglas History And Milestones

Douglas won the 1923 senior TT race I.O.M (Tom Sheard riding) Distance 226 miles at 55 mph average  in the rain

Douglas won the 1923 sidecar TT race I.O.M (Freddie Dixon riding) Distance 113 miles at 53.15 mph

Douglas made fastest lap in 1923 senior race (Jim Whalley riding) a fraction under 60 mph in the wet

Douglas won the 1923 French Grand Prix (Jim Whalley riding) Distance 288 miles making the fastest lap and the course record

 Douglas won the 1923 Durban-Johannesberg Marathon race (Percy Flook riding) Distance 430 miles average
speed was 43 miles per hour on a 2 3/4 hp machine

Also won this event in 1919 and 1920

 Douglas won the 1923 Spanish 12 hour race (500 cc class Jim Whalley riding) distance 466 miles making the fastest lap and the course record

 Douglas won the 1923 Welsh TT race (Alec Bennet riding) Distance 100 miles

Douglas was First motorcycle to reach 100 mph in the 3hp to 6 hp class C G Pullin 100.61 mph March 1922

Douglas was fist 750cc motorcycle to exceed 100 mph R N Judd 102.37 mph in November 1923

Douglas was first motorcycle and sidecar to cover 1000 miles in 24 hours officially on Brooklands C G Pullin august 1922

Douglas had 25000 machines operating in world war 1

Douglas was the first motorcycle to capture a whole class of records Class B/S June-September 1922

To Be continued