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Centenary Rally Lapel Badge

Started by alwyn, 27 Jan 2006 at 20:33

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Hi all,
This message has been brought forward from the Australian Douglas Centenary Rally section in case it has been missed there and in any case to bring it to notice again.

Quote from: alwyn on 26 Dec 2005 at 12:23
Hi all,
The London Douglas Motor Cycle Club (LDMCC) has determined that a lapel badge will be manufactured to commemorate the centenary of Douglas motorcycling in 2007. The design of the badge is the subject of a competition (open now) among members of the LDMCC. Designs are to be submitted on a postcard addressed to the Secretary of the LDMCC, Mr Alan Coombes, who will arrange for entries to be displayed at a Gymkhana to be held in the UK in June 2006. Entries should therefore be submitted no later than during May 2006.

Members present at the Gymkhana will be invited to vote upon the designs submitted. The design receiving the highest number of votes will be commissioned for the manufacture of the badges. Overseas members of the LDMCC have been invited to participate in the competition. The only parameters for the design are that the badge is not to exceed 30 millimetres in size and shall have no more than four colours. The badges are to be of enamel applied to a metal base.

Members of the LDMCC resident in all countries outside of the UK, i.e., 'overseas' members, in particular we suggest the Australian members of which there are about 85, are urged to participate in the competition.

The address for mailing of entries is The Secretary, London Motor Cycle Club Ltd., Mousehill, Marley Lane, Haselmere, Surrey, United Kingdom GU27 3PZ.

A message from the London Douglas Motor Cycle Club (LDMCC) received yesterday reminds us about the competition and advises "We are keen that the Australian Club members should enter the competition for design of the Badge to be judged at our Gymkhana in June."

So we encourage LDMCC members in Australia and New Zealand whether they be members of this forum or visitors to it, to put their creative talents to work and submit a competitive design for the badge - it would be great to have an Australian (or NZ) design selected as the winning one.

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