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Douglas Endeavour
« on: 31 Dec 2005 at 05:01 »
G'day all
I have sent in a photo of the late Harry Beanham (Allparts owner), the photo is titled "3 flat twins" is taken in Harry's garden in October 1964 and as you can see Harry has new neighbours moving in shortly! That would have made him happy.
He has pulled out 3 of his favourites to be photographed...his beloved ABC (this one was bought by Norm Gullick at the estate auction) one of his many LE Velocettes...he had about 40 odd when he died and of course his Douglas Endeavour (this bike was owned by the late Jack Forrest after Harry and it now belongs to a VMCC of NSW member).
When owned by Jack Forrest it was left in original condition, it has been restored to concourse condition nowadays.
Hope you enjoy the photo.

Larger view
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