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B29 Douglas restoration
« on: 29 Nov 2005 at 09:12 »
I am in the process of restoring a B29 350cc Douglas and like I Barges this has been a 20 year project. The prospect of the Douglas rally in early 2007 to coincide with the 100years of Douglas has given myself a challenge to have it ready. At this stage we have the bottom end of the motor rebuilt and are working on the top end at the moment. I would be interested to find out more information on clearances on little end bearings, valve guides etc to determine if the little end bearings and valve guides need replacing or will accomplish what we want them to do.
My background is in machine shop Engineering and my friend David who is a Mechanic by trade and a avid Indian restorer sometimes differ on clearances and tolerances for these items. So any information would be gladly taken on board.