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Thanks very much to Steve for sending in the clipping on the 1927 EW 600. Image added to his post above.
Good afternoon Yoshimasa
Sorry I couldn’t help directly but here are a couple of options,
Firstly the London Douglas club are advertising that they have a reprint of the hand book for the 1927 600cc Ew.
Second is the National motorcycle museum see attached pictures.

another set of barrels and pistons for you to identify and buy.
what are these from?
bore size 60.5mm. on the money.
greasy oily mucky dirty.
which means they are not rusted solid and are useable.
clean up and use or totally refurbish. you decide.
anyway what are they off ?
what year?
what model?
let me know then buy them.
have a look at these various alloy casings.
identify them and then buy them!
what are they?
what year?
what model do they fit?
identify and buy.
let me know.
numbered from 1 to 7( starting top left to bottom right)
choose a number identify the part then buy it!
pre war douglas barrels and pistons .
from the hoard for you to identify and buy.
use your skill and judgement to identify these pistons and barrels then buy them.
in good all round condition.
covered in orrible sticky oily grease .
which means they are well preserved and useable.
bore size -- a tad under 61mm.
what are they??
let me know .
then buy them.
I have recently acquired a large job lot of douglas parts.
most of these are of no real use to me.
I have extracted the bits i want to keep from the boxes.
i will post photos of bits that are for sale a few at a time.
its up to you nerds(sorry enthusiasts) to identify the bits tell me what they are and then buy them.
best of luck.
lets start  with this gearbox.
its mostly complete and in good condition apart from;
the chain drive sprocket has a chipped tooth.
the kickstart pawl is a bit chewed and its threads have some damage
you will be buying whats in the photos and you should be able to see a spare sprocket (worn) and a spare clutch hub(??)
answers on a post card please!
My name is Yoshimasa Negishi

1927 Douglas Ew600 to register and ride in Japan
I am gathering materials.

Do you know of any sales catalogs or manuals that list the engine horsepower and maximum RPM for a 1927 EW600 or 1928 E28?

If you have the actual or electronic data of the documents, can you sell them to me?
Hi Eric,

Quote from: Eric
As I can't find any way to message the moderator or support I thought I would try here.

Down in the 'Forum Related' category, there is a forum called "Forum Issues - Your Forum questions, problems, suggestions here....

In there you will find a topic called 'How to get in touch with Forum admin'.

But I agree 100%, it is hard to find, hard to use and I apologise for that. We were being bombarded with spammers and had to take drastic steps to preserve our sanity. I am working on overhauling the contact admin system for the new website at the moment.

Quote from: Eric
I have been trying to message a member but I can not find a copy of the messages to them in My Messages. I have tried around 3 times but I can not find a copy or anything in my messages list. WHY is this?????

When sending a Personal Message, there is a check box at the bottom of the posting window labelled "Save a copy in my outbox". if this box is checked, a copy will be saved in your 'Sent Items' mailbox.

So the first thing to do, is open Personal Messages, click on 'New Message' and see if that box is checked by default or not.

If it is unchecked, then open your own Personal Profile and in the left hand menu, choose 'Personal Messaging'. Towards the bottom of the page, check the box 'Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default' then at the bottom 'Change Profile' to save the change.

Finally, do a test to make sure it is working. Send yourself a PM and you should see a copy saved in the 'Sent Items' box.

If the 'Save a copy in my outbox' was unchecked, I imagine that is the reason for the lack of saved copies and your three messages have arrived in the recipient's mailbox OK. Whether he/she has read them is a separate matter. You could try email as an alternative.

If the 'Save a copy...' box IS checked by default, then let me know and I will investigate further.

Dave (Admin)
Hi Jeff, email sent regarding the CW.
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