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Title: A brand new TS Douglas, in 1930
Post by: cardan on 22 Jul 2021 at 05:06
Hi All,

I came across this snippet while researching the Australian-made Invincible-JAP motorcycle, sold by Turner Bros in Melbourne. Through the 1920s, Turner Bros were also the Victorian distributors for Douglas motorcycles. Late in the decade there was lots of restructuring - Turner Bros were moving into cars, Douglas distribution was being passed to a firm called Douglas Distributors, and amid all the confusion a new firm called Turner Bros Motors Pty Ltd purchased the assets of the old Turner Bros. Included in the assets were Douglas motorcycles and parts, and Invincible-JAP motorcycles and parts. During 1929, Turner Bros Motors Prop. (as they liked to call themselves) were busily trying to clear "old stock" at low prices.

The attached advert, from the Melbourne Age in January 1930, is the last advert I've found for 'new' Invincible-JAPs - a model that was released in September 1922, and for which the last parts were made c1925. Some bikes were probably assembled from parts after 1925.

Anyway, fancy a new TS or CW Douglas? Cheap. Just a few scratches. A reminder that a 'new' machine first registered five years after manufacture is not impossible.

Title: Re: A brand new TS Douglas, in 1930
Post by: franky on 22 Jul 2021 at 23:29
Nice bit of Australian Douglas motorcycle history. Great to read this piece!