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Title: Mk 5
Post by: rabbit909 on 07 Mar 2021 at 13:37
Hi after advice. Managed to get mk v back on the road. Been off road for many years and had to register it. The clutch felt a bit light on the lever. Thought whoever built it may have reduced the springs. Anyway I think it is the mechanism at fault. Kick start down hearing lots of spinning but not engagement with the crank. Yet put in gear and kick over the gearbox engages and back wheel moves. Thought the clutch plate had gone as I did not put the engine together myself. Play with the clutch adjustment and the lever the can kick over in neutral the crank then goes back to no crank movement and a spinning sound seems from the gearbox.

Also I need to replace the steering head bearings. Think top and bottom. Does anyone know the spec? Think one is tapered bearing at bottom and  cup ball bearings top. Or are there any upgrades? Like on other bike to improve it?

Third issue I have acquired a woffle box and found standard down pipes donít fit. Any recommendations?

Enjoyed my ride on the mk but need to sort out these issues for the summer.
Thank you!
Title: Re: Mk 5
Post by: eddie on 07 Mar 2021 at 18:06
Firstly, you obviously have problems with the clutch, so the engine and gearbox will have to be separated. There may be some mechanical damage to the plate, or the clutch may be lifting but not returning - this was experienced with the introduction of the early generation asbestos-free linings. The linings gave off a fine dust that tended to accumulate on the drive pins through the flywheel, thus jamming the pins and preventing the clutch returning - the more modern woven linings don't suffer from this problem.
    Steering head bearings - the bottom bearing is a commercially available taper roller bearing - the top bearing is a Douglas special that screws on to the steering column (I don't know of any alternative that will fit).
    Exhaust pipes  - the pipes for the normal barrel silencers have a flat 180 degree bend - the pipes for the earlier 'woffle box' have the same bend but with a twist in it, so that the pipes enter the box at an angle. These pipes also have the ends blanked off and slots down one side for the exhaust to escape into the box. They also have a boss that bolts up to a frame lug to retain them.

Title: Re: Mk 5
Post by: rabbit909 on 07 Mar 2021 at 18:52
Eddie thank you for the advice. I will order the top bearing from the club.
Feared it would have to be engine out.
With the inspection cover off I can see the clutch outer plate spinning.
Do you or anyone else know where I could get hold of woffle box down pipes please? I donít think the club will do them.
Maybe have to get them made up.
Thank you Eddie very grateful.
Title: Re: Mk 5
Post by: dalgrae on 08 Mar 2021 at 07:06
Hi Armours list them I think at £70

Regards. Colin
Title: Re: Mk 5
Post by: eddie on 08 Mar 2021 at 10:39
I notice from Armours illustration on their website, that their pipes for the 'woffle box' silencer are not slotted - so I can only assume that the exhaust note will be somewhat louder. Also, the original 'woffle boxes' had another slotted tubular baffle in the middle of the box (behind the 1Ĺ"dia brass blanking plug) - most owners don't even realise there should be a baffle there (the original one would have rusted away many years ago!).

Title: Re: Mk 5
Post by: rabbit909 on 08 Mar 2021 at 20:02
Thank you for your help. And the information. Very informative.