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Title: Help required
Post by: Sgtbiro on 04 Nov 2020 at 18:41
Hi all hoping for some help i bought a wiring harness last year from the LDMCC for my Dragonfly and have only just got round to trying to fit it onto my bike, the only problem is that where electrics  are concerned i don`t have a clue and you don`t get any instructions with the harness so the first problem i have come across is that on the wiring diagram it only shows two wires going to the battery negative terminal, but as you can see from the attached photo there are three wires coming from the harness so can someone please explain why this is and what the other wire is for and where dose it go.

Regards Kevin..
Title: Re: Help required
Post by: eddie on 04 Nov 2020 at 19:23
            The Dragonfly normally has 2 wires going to the live side of the battery, and a short, single wire to the earth side of the battery. This single wire is usually just long enough to connect the earth terminal to one of the battery carrier mounting bolts.
   From the photo you posted, I would think the terminal with 2 wires goes to the live side of the battery (one wire is the live feed up to the ammeter - the other is the direct feed to the horn, as a poorly adjusted horn could create an overload if it was wired through the ammeter). The terminal with the single wire is the earth, and probably goes up the harness to be earthed in the headlamp nascelle (to provide a more reliable earth connection than that through all the joints between engine, frame, petrol tank and headlamp nascelle).

Title: Re: Help required
Post by: Roys rider on 04 Nov 2020 at 20:57
As usual Eddie's response is excellent however just to be on the safe side is would be a good idea to check continuity ie where is the other end of the wire (no disrespect to LDMCC spares). Use a meter or a 6v bulb with wires attached (something to keep in the bike's tool kit anyway). The wires need to be long enough to reach from the battery to the nacelle wiring. As you are not good with wiring initially don't connect the earth (wire to frame) and make sure there is a fuse in the live wire. I put one directly to the battery and hide it under the cover. When you make a new connection touch the earth to the frame, if it sparks and blows the fuse you need to go back and check why.
Title: Re: Help required
Post by: Sgtbiro on 05 Nov 2020 at 17:27
Hi Eddie thank you for you reply it now make sense to me i think. i will now endeavour to wire the rest of the harness in but will probably need a lot more help so please keep an eye out for my posts, your help as always is much appreciated.

Also thanks to Roy for your help every days a school day for me.

Regards Kevin..