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Title: CW gear boc
Post by: Darryl on 15 Jan 2020 at 23:21
I have recently purchased a CW Douglas 1926 I think and working on the gearbox have notice both wood drift keys are missing from the drive and primary sprockets. Would anyone have idea of the size of these two keys or where I could source. Also missing the retaining nut that holds the primary sprocket to the gearbox drive shaft and the return spring for the kickstarter. Any assistance anyone could provide be fantastic and very much appreciated as I am very much the novus to the CW.
Qld Australia
Title: Re: CW gear boc
Post by: cardan on 16 Jan 2020 at 22:26
Hi Darryl,

Keys come in all shapes and sizes. The best plan is to measure up the slots in the shafts and try local hardware or autoparts shops to see if they have something.

There are broadly two types: the woodruff key ("half moon" - think of a segment cut off the edge of a coin) or the parallel key (usually almost square in section, usually with rounded-off ends). If you can't get the size you need, get a larger one and file it down to suit.

Keys are often quite soft steel, which I like as the taper usually carries most of the load and I'm happy for the key to shear if the taper joint fails. You can make your own keys from mild steel.

The most common mistake is to use a key that is too high. Make sure it doesn't prevent the sprocket from seating on the taper.


Title: Re: CW gear boc
Post by: Darryl on 17 Jan 2020 at 05:49
Thanks for the reply, I was hoping that there would be a recommended size. I have since found a assorted box of keys on ebay though they are metric. I am, hoping I will find a fit.