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Title: Throttle cable and junction box
Post by: Pallijen15 on 01 Sep 2019 at 18:29
Hi, was the original cable going from throttle to junction box fitted with an adjuster? I took mine apart to see if the cables going to carburettor were the same length and they are. But it looks as though the piston in the junction box what the cables attach to is home made.There is an adjuster on the throttle side of the single cable but I still can't take up all of the play. Even though cables are same lengths one carb does have a bit more slack on it than the other. The piston inside the junction box is about 10mm or less. I also have 4/3 throttle valves instead of 4/5's and are quite worn looking. Don't suppose these will be easy to get a hold of. Amal don't seem to have them.
Title: Re: Throttle cable and junction box
Post by: Red on 02 Sep 2019 at 07:55
Try Hitchcocks for throttle slide - see link below. 30.60 each
Title: Re: Throttle cable and junction box
Post by: eddie on 02 Sep 2019 at 08:52
     The junction box only had an adjuster for the single cable going to the twistgrip. Adjustment of the twin cables going to the carbs was by the adjuster on the tops of the carbs. There was a similar junction box fitted to twin carb Triumphs, but this did not have any adjusters on the box.
     4/3 slides were standard on the early T35's - Mark 3 onward machines had 4/5 slides. If you are having difficulty sourcing the correct slides, you could try shortening 5/3 or 5/4 slides - they are the same diameter but a bit longer.
   If you attempt to remake the twin cables to the carbs, make sure you use the correct short nipples (1/8"dia x 1/8" long) otherwise they can hit the top of the choke block and stop the slide from dropping onto the throttle stop.

Title: Re: Throttle cable and junction box
Post by: Pallijen15 on 02 Sep 2019 at 09:23
Thanks to Red for the info on the throttle slides. I looked at their website but couldn't see them.
Thanks to Eddie on the other information. If you look at the spares list book part number 2 has the complete throttle and junction box arrangement and shows the cable to throttle with a hexagonal end where it connects to the junction box. Was this what it was originally supposed to be  or from a similar model? Since speaking with you previously I have reset the ignition and now starts on full advance (as before) but  now, once running and getting warm runs better when I retard the ignition about a half inch. Before it was running at best performance with full advance permanently. Also no oil leaks now thanks to the John Holmes info on rocker box covers. Getting there.