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Title: B29 Finally Rolling
Post by: cycarmark on 08 Jan 2019 at 13:16
Finally got the wheels done and tires mounted, the 19" modern rims and Mitas tires work great.  I am amazed at how low the seat height is on the bike.  Thanks all who helped me figure out the way to go with the lack of 25x3 tire sizes.
Title: Re: B29 Finally Rolling
Post by: douglas1947 on 08 Jan 2019 at 16:33
Your bike looks great in that "as used" condition.
May be the new paint on the rim will lost the gloss a bit whenyou use the B29?

I hope I will finish my 1930 H3 also until spring!?

Do you have new clamps on your footrest rubbers?

Title: Re: B29 Finally Rolling
Post by: cycarmark on 09 Jan 2019 at 00:40
Since the rims and spokes are new, they are really shiny, but that will probably go away when I ride it some more.  I am waiting on a new kickstarter gear to be made before I try to ride it.  I got the engine running late last year, so it should be rideable pretty soon.  The footrest rubbers are new from Parkwood in England, I had to modify the brackets for them to fit as the old tube type brackets were very badly damaged.  I've got two other project bikes going at the same time, a 1921 Cleveland two stroke, and a 1920 Clyno.  I usually do just one at a time, but these three came along at the same time.  I hope to get the Clyno done for its 100th birthday, the Cleveland next, and then I have lots of time for the Douglas!