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Title: Dragonfly ign, timing
Post by: davrhos on 22 Dec 2018 at 11:00
  Hi all,
Looking for simpler method of setting ignition timing on Dragonfly.  After all, it's never likely to be used on race track!!  Back in the dark ages timing discs were for the elite, and we peasants used a pencil or piece of wood marked of in 1/8ths ins. stuffed down the plug hole and turned the engine back until the correct measurement,( usually given in manual) was obtained. Never let us down.  Has anyone worked out the measurement for the D/fly.  It would save a couple of hours work if so.  Unless you're very, very particular.  Merry Christmas to all.
Title: Re: Dragonfly ign, timing
Post by: eddie on 23 Dec 2018 at 07:17
Trial and error seems to be the best method, as the standard Miller distributor is notorious for wear (and variable timing). The ignition timing on my engine is set up 5 degrees BTDC (static) with the distributor clamp in mid position - then adjust the clamp either way until you find the 'sweet spot'. If you attempt to tun with the alloy distributor cover loose, make sure you put the screws back in - the front screw hole vents the crankcase, and it's surprising how much oil can find it's way out! If anyone quotes you a specific figure for the timing, bear in mind that the fuel we are using today is far removed from that used when the official figures were quoted - so some adjustment will be necessary.

Title: Re: Dragonfly ign, timing
Post by: davrhos on 23 Dec 2018 at 14:56
Hi Eddie,
Thanks for advice. My thoughts exactly, but thought it would be nice to start with piston correctly/roughly positioned before 'fine tuning' as you suggest.  You may have gathered, I don't want to remove timing  cover if I can simplify the job.  I seem to remember that years ago I rode the bike until I felt the engine 'nip up' a little, and then retarded the spark a little via the adjustment on the distributor.  It never ran better.  Now older and wiser (and lazier) I'm looking for a safer option. Thanks again, Dave.