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Title: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: Jeff Swann on 01 Aug 2018 at 21:01
Evening One & All
As a new Dragonfly owner but I remember the ones my Dad repaired, all has been operating & running very well until last night:

Kickstarted as normal, rode to my destination bike running fine gear changing without fault but on my return journey the kickstart wouldn't bite, had to bump start in second, return journey gearbox & engine all fine, still no bite on the kickstart when I park up at home ??

Have looked in the Douglas/BMS parts & matinance manuals I got with the bike, can see how it goes together but no mention what to check before stripping the gearbox, is this a common problem, is there a check procedure, simple fix before going in with both feet??

I looked up to the sky but no reply from my dad 😏

Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: eddie on 02 Aug 2018 at 06:36
       Hopefully, the problem will turn out to be the ratchet gear on the rear end of the layshaft jamming on the bronze bush and staying out of mesh. A more serious option is that the auxiliary shaft has broken out of it's end support.
       In any case, the first thing you need to do is remove the final drive from the gearbox. You will then be able to look inside the tail end of the 'box and see what is happening when you operate the kickstart. As you look into the 'box, you will see the final drive bevel gear on the main shaft, immediately below that is the tail end of the layshaft with the kickstart ratchet on it. The ratchet gear has a light spring keeping it in mesh - the gear should be free enough to slide on the bronze bush. Overtightening the layshaft nut sometimes causes the bronze bush to bulge so that the gear will not slide.
      If all is OK here, look even lower in the 'box and you will see a short auxiliary shaft (in line with the bike) - this should be supported by the small round plate in the rear end of the gearbox - these shafts have been known to break out of the rear support. Unfortunately, when this happens, it often damages the front support as well (and that is part of the main case).
   When you have identified the problem, get back to me and I will try to assist with a remedy.

Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: Jeff Swann on 02 Aug 2018 at 07:38
Thanks Eddie, for you prompt reply & advice, can't get on to the job till after the weekend but will report back my findings in due course. Jeff
Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: Jeff Swann on 12 Aug 2018 at 11:29
Morning Eddie,

Managed to get on the job this morning, (unable to attach photos) but the kickstart pinion, bush with broken Spring, Tab washer & nut had fell off the layshaft and after fishing around with my trusty magnets all was recovered according to the workshop & parts manual I have.

Having read a previous post, I understand that I should thread lock the nut & use the tab washer at the end of the layshaft holding the kickstart ratchet, pinion & bush but the pinion bush & pinion are locked together and the spring is in two pieces, have emailed Dick Bradley asked if the club have replacement spring, as for the bush being locked on to the pinion; I suppose I'll have to drift it out & find what caused them to lock so they slide smoothly?

Any other advice on rebuilding, including the sealing of the final drive housing & shims ??

Thank in advance for your help & advice.

Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: eddie on 12 Aug 2018 at 12:04
        I have checked my lists from when I was involved with LDMCC spares and it looks as if we have never stocked these springs - however that part number appears in the list of drawings held by the Club. If you contact Dave Lawrence, he may be able to supply a copy of the drawing - Lee Springs may be able to supply something suitable. I would suggest you fit a new spring rather than try to effect a repair.
  It is a good idea to use some thread lock on the layshaft nut and then don't overtighten it - that way you wont crush the bronze bush and the nut wont be able to completely unscrew again.
  With regard to the final drive - just re-assemble it with all the original shims in place, and use a smear of instant gasket to prevent oil loss.

Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: Jeff Swann on 12 Aug 2018 at 13:22
Many thanks Eddie,

After your reply which I didn't see, I'd modified my post to say had emailed Dick Bradley for spring & also found bush was locked to the pinion which should slide freely so drift the bush out & see what caused the locking.

Can I contact Dave Lawrence via the forum ?


Jeff Swann
Title: Re: Dragonfly kickstart problems
Post by: eddie on 12 Aug 2018 at 14:00
        If the pinion and bush are locked together, the broken spring has probably kicked up a burr on the pinion which in turn has marked the bush. These can probably be cleaned up and used again.
    Dave Lawrence usually replies to postings on this forum. The part number of the spring is 34227