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Title: Early Douglas frame and OHV parts
Post by: pvn06 on 11 Jul 2016 at 09:23
Hi Folks,
I am in process of restoring 1920 2 3/4 Hp model to 1912-14 TT Rep style.
However, I also have a spare engine and would very much like to consider building a replica of the first OHV racing model, used in 1914 Junior TT.

To do this I am looking for pre 1921 3 1/2 hp frame, as this is slightly bigger and has the duplex front down tubes, which would be needed for an OHV engine.
I am also after a gaff 2 3/4 hp head/barrel which could be modified to create a casting pattern for the OHV head barrel (the very first type still had two bolt fixing to crankcase, but OHV head.  Obviously if someone has original early OHV 350 parts I would be interested in these as well (either original 2 stud fixing type, or later early '20's type - but must be 350).
Also spare set of forks or other parts from that era.  At this stage, I am concentrating on the standard SV bike, but might start accumulating parts for a full second bike. 
Paul Norman
Title: Re: Early Douglas frame and OHV parts
Post by: Chris54 on 11 Aug 2016 at 07:37
Hi Paul
Check out the forks i have available,

Let me know if any good