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Title: oc on ebay
Post by: Daren W Australia on 01 Jun 2005 at 00:45
try this link,1&item=4553272016&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Daren
Title: oc on ebay
Post by: Ian on 01 Jun 2005 at 04:14
He tried this one a few weeks ago and it did not meet reserve. Hate to think what it is - bidding went to over $5K. Seems to be a bitsa
Title: oc on ebay
Post by: graeme on 02 Jun 2005 at 07:12
When I spoke to the owner of this bike, he was after $8k to buy a veteran Triumph - so I think this might be the reserve. It definitely is a bitsa - OC engine with a DT timing cover. It has obviously been raced, and I imagine this was typical of the modifications done in the early years of speedway.
Title: oc on ebay
Post by: Daren W Australia on 04 Jun 2005 at 05:55
Hi I think that this bike was one of Jeff Collins bikes from Chatswood Sydney I had morning tea with Jeff ( 20 years ago) and my father Richard Worboys to discuss 23/60 Vauxhall cam shafts Jeff went under the house to his Aladdin’s cave and brought 5 or 6new cams wrapped in antirust paper. In the back yard was his Presentation Wensum as presented to Boyd Edkins for his services promoting Vauxhall in Australia, a 23/60 saloon with thirsty engine an Essex fast 4 roadster an army blitz wagon and a Bugati with a Chrysler straight 8 shoehorned in. He never did let me see under the house but it was rumoured to have around 20 OHV DT style Douglas hidden Regards Daren
Title: oc on ebay
Post by: Alan on 10 Jun 2005 at 04:42
Had a look at this bike a while ago and definately a bit of a mixture.
Quite a few bits missing such as the front wheel and had been used for racing as had a single extra damper on the front suspension.
If I remember correctly the engine was seized and appeared modified as would be expected re its racing background.