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Title: Dragonfly Ignition/Headlight switch
Post by: BrmBrm on 25 Feb 2013 at 17:14
Anybody know where to buy Dragonfly Ignition/Headlight switch.
And what are  the functions - parking light/run/headlight or whatever
Or what other bikes they were ftted to.
Also what was th original make?
Title: Re: Dragonfly Ignition/Headlight switch
Post by: eddie on 25 Feb 2013 at 19:39
Hi Dave,
             All the electrics on the Dragonfly were made by Miller. The headlight/ignition switch is a 6 position 2 layer switch that controls the ignition, lights, and charge rate from the alternator - these are now becoming quite scarce, but occasionally crop up at autojumbles. Some ingenious owners have managed to utilise the single layer version that Velocette used - but this has to be wired up in conjunction with a couple of 6 volt relays in order to control the battery charging. Unfortunately, it is not possible to substitute a Lucas PRS8 switch as used by BSA and Triumph as the Lucas alternator that goes with it is wired differently internally.
     Are you without a switch, or is yours just faulty? The most common problems are poor contact between the centre drum and the terminals, or the switch seizing up so that the knob cannot be turned. Both these problems can be rectified by carefully dismantling the switch. The black body of the switch is in 2 halves and held together by the 4BA nuts on the underside. With these removed, carefully prise the 2 halves apart (careful, there are 2 springs and balls inside). With the halves parted, you will find a circlip or split pin retaining the centre drum (depending on whether it is an early or late type), the drum can now be pushed out of the bottom of the switch. The terminal blades can now be tweaked to make better contact with the drum. On reassembly, it pays to replace the 2 balls and springs, and load them well with Vaseline to prevent the ingress of water (the reason for it seizing up).
     Hope some of this helps,
Title: Re: Dragonfly Ignition/Headlight switch
Post by: BrmBrm on 26 Feb 2013 at 09:27
Thank you again Eddie.
On mine there's a replacement switch DIM/OFF/FULL which has been wired in  - as an ignition switch - no makers name.
So for now I'll have to wire the lights/headlight independently, or I suppose ignition independently.
I'll keep looking for the Miller, and because I've never seen one - what are the positions marked as on the switch?
Many thanks.
Title: Re: Dragonfly Ignition/Headlight switch
Post by: BrmBrm on 28 Feb 2013 at 14:42
Very many thanks, Reg, for the Miller wiring diagram and electrics info.
I'll be able to draw the existing circuit and compare with the correct Miller method. Hopefully won't find too much difference other than the switch.
So it's back to sorting the things that obviously need doing, so I can run it for longer and be able to assess what's working and what isn't.
Again thanks for the Miller info.