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Title: Rebuilding 1956 Dragonfly engine
Post by: Eddie Doc on 27 Jan 2013 at 13:41
Hi all , I need somebody with a little experience in building a 1956 Dragonfly engine, I seem to have all the bits in boxes that I have aquired and I have just about every book going, but I dont want to build the thing up only to find at a later date that something wasn't put together correctly.
I live in the Cheshire area of the UK. so if you fit the bill and would like to assist I would be most greatful.
My email.
All the best.
Title: Re: Rebuilding 1956 Dragonfly engine
Post by: BrmBrm on 12 Feb 2013 at 09:27
Hi Eddie Doc,
I have the same model, and similarly suffer from the code of silence about this model. Seems that most members have signed some sort of pledge never to answere posts! Occasionally someone will help!!!!
Firstly let me admit that I've never stripped my engine, sorry.
I live near Wrexham / Chester, not sure which end of Cheshire you live, but if you need some support I'd be glad to help to identify parts and where they fit, from the manuals etc.
Best of luck, Dave
Title: Re: Rebuilding 1956 Dragonfly engine
Post by: eddie on 12 Feb 2013 at 17:48
Come on, Dave, play fair - there is no code of silence within the Douglas fraternity. The free exchange of information on this forum proves that point - and in the past you have also benefitted from it! The same applies to membership of the LDMCC - but it's no good sitting back and expecting it to find you - go and attend a few Clubnights - then the advice will come thick and fast!
   Moving on to Eddie Doc's request for assistance with his Dragonfly engine - from his posting, it would seem it is totally dismantled. With this in mind, it would be a tall order to expect someone to go through a rebuild via email or the like. This project is going to need a local person who is conversant with the Dragonfly to oversee it's rebuild - if such a person exists. Not many owners are at ease when it comes to delving into their own engines, let alone one that consists of a pile of bits in a box - so it's not surprising there has been a lack of response to this posting.

Title: Re: Rebuilding 1956 Dragonfly engine
Post by: BrmBrm on 14 Feb 2013 at 15:20
Point taken Eddie, and thanks for your help in the past.