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Title: Sealing of magneto drive for T6
Post by: hoejmark on 23 Jan 2013 at 18:34
I am searching for help or advice on how to oil-tighten the magneto drive on my T6 engine. I have tried to tightened the lockring from the outside, without solving the problem, and neither the Spare Parts List nor the Care and Maintenance Manual or the Book of the Douglas offers sufficient help. Is there a cross section drawing of the system somewhere out there, or can somebody tell how to seal up the system?
The Spare Parts List mention a felt washer, but not where it has to be put into place. Can the job be done from outside or do I hav to dismantle the system from inside? In that case, then what about maintaining the ignition timing, and is the thread on the magneto drive body Lh or RH thread?
I hope somebody will be able to bring some advice on this subject.
Regards Hoejmark