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Title: New Member
Post by: REME245 on 29 Jul 2011 at 18:36

Thought I would introduce myself as a new member.

My main area of interest is on the military side where I have collected and rallied military vehicles for many years.   I currently own a Bren Gun Carrier for those members who know what one of these is.

In more recent years I have become interested in WW2 Military Generator Sets, particularly Douglas originally coming from Kingswood.
I current have three examples of FT35 powered sets comprising of the version used on Bofors Guns, the Radar Set and the 1.8 KVA 110 volt example I have just acquired (see photograph).  I am looking for a manual for this set.

If anyone knows of any further military applications I would be interested to know.  Also if any dating information survives based on the serial numbers.  I understand that the number after the FT35 probably identity's the mark of engine or its application.

Also if the gasket sets available for the immediate post-war motorcycle will also fit the FT35 engine.

I would also be interested in any First World War Generator Sets but obviously these must be very rare.