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Title: Douglas 1914 3 1/2 Hp Information Required
Post by: oil baron on 02 Jun 2011 at 08:26
 Hi There 
I am looking for specific information to enable me to manufacture the missing parts for my 3 1/2 hp  project.   I doubt whether there are many parts available and that people would necessary part with them, so I looking for detailed sketches so I can start to fabricate the many missing bits.  Basically I have 2 and a bit engines, which is hopefully enough to build a good engine. I have an exhaust system for a pattern, a butchered inlet manifold with a mid 1920's Bing Carb. fitted, a Bosch mag.  A gearbox complete with clutch & damaged pulley, a few bits of 4 hp clutch operating mechanism.  A bare frame, with gear change mechanism and a funny sort of stand mounted at the forward  end of the frame.  I have a later 4hp steering column which I hope to modify but no fork blades, spindles or links  I am missing a tank, hand pump or sight glass, carrier, mudguards, toolboxes, handlebars and controls, brake parts, though I have a couple of footbrake levers, and a foot clutch operating lever, I am not sure they are the correct ones, similarly I have front & rear hubs but again not sure they are correct.  I know there are people making mudguards & beaded edge rims here in NZ, but I am not sure about a belt rims, but I see that there has been some correspondence on the forum about these so I can follow that up. I would be grateful of any help how ever small
Many Thanks
Steve L