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Title: Carby for my E28
Post by: Ian on 18 Apr 2011 at 22:12
I am having carby problems with my E28 (EW600) - would like to get a correct one if anyone has one (or a suitable replacement !). Its a B&B and is, I believe, meant to be the type with no needle, just a diffuser gauze. I think the one that came with mine started life as a 350 carb and has been converted to run with a needle - not successfully !! Just a correct body with slides would be fine as the rest should fit OK.

The carb for the 600 is basically the same as the 350 but with a larger bore.

The problem with replacements is that the carb is quite close to the bottom of the tank so taller carbs will not fit easily.
Title: Re: Carby for my E28
Post by: Ian on 02 May 2011 at 02:52
I have found a suitable replacement I think - a 1928 Amac MDX - however I do not have a correct needle for it. Anyone have any Amac needles lying round ? looking at the needle jet and the hole in the slide they are heaps larger diameter than an Amal needle.
Title: Re: Carby for my E28
Post by: Doug on 03 May 2011 at 03:43

Sort of a moot point now, but for the 1929 handbook Douglas started fitting the B&B with the needle to the 600EW. Still the two lever control, but semi-automatic; also called a two-jet model. The one with the gauze was called a plain jet model. Both plain and variable were offered side-by-side by B&B from 1924-28. Though not cataloged one could probably upgrade in 1927-28 by waving pound notes under the dealer's nose. Douglas' use of them in 1929 is an oddity as I suppose they should have been Amal, but perhaps Kingswood got a special close-out deal on the B&Bs!

Title: Re: Carby for my E28
Post by: Ian on 03 May 2011 at 04:09
Thanks Doug - I would go with either B&B but could not find one !! Mine is an attempt at modifying one to the other which did not work