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Title: That t35 misfireing saga. results.
Post by: george sutton on 18 Nov 2009 at 12:53
Further to my ealier finds of badly worn valve guides.  Now what do I find ? appart from pitted valve seats, THERE are odd springs !!!  on the o/s the head had 1.270" dia. on the outer springs, and on the n/s the springs were 1.380".  all springs varied slightly in length too.!   not surprising then that it would not run properly is it?    PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME QUICKLY WHAT IS THE CORRECT DIAMETER FOR THESE OUTER VALVE SPRINGS ON A 1948 MARK  1 ?   ive some on order, but need to know.    now i have to say,all the work previusly done to this bike has been by club members. Here then is a moral for you ! DONT do shoddy work on a bike, then sell it on to a classics dealers,  you never know, it COULD come back into the club to another who knows its history!!!George.S
Title: Re: That t35 misfireing saga. results.
Post by: eddie on 18 Nov 2009 at 13:28
             I have just got out a set of Terry's springs for a Mk1 T35 and the sizes are as follows: Inner spring - .970"dia x 1.525" long.  Outer spring - 1.280"dia x 1.600" long.
            If a previous owner has fitted the larger outer springs (for the Mk3 - 5 and Dragonfly), they may also have fitted the larger caps that went with them - if so, you will find the correct springs don't sit in the caps, but ride up on the locating spigots. (I have seen the larger springs fitted to the smaller caps!!)
Title: Re: That t35 misfireing saga. results.reply.
Post by: george sutton on 18 Nov 2009 at 14:24
Thanks again Eddie,   your dead right, these larger springs also had the smaller caps, gets better does'nt it. But it WILL be put right, albeit to my cost, financially.  It COULD have been my life. having assurances from the dealers who sold it to me that it had been properly restored, I rode the bike on a main road, only to have it  falter when changing gear, or even die under me on rounderbouts. Let those who sell on a bike in such a condition be warned !! good on you mate. George.S