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Title: Vespas Have I Lost the Plot ?????
Post by: Alan Cun on 07 Feb 2009 at 08:51
Hello All, The most commonly asked question people ask when someone views my collection after where were Douglas made is where did they end up.
A few years ago I picked up at a swap meet a low light model which has been lonely and virtually unloved against the back wall.
A friend sent me an email just recently asking if I was interested in bidding on a one owner, deceased estate, currently and always been road registered unit in the Brisbane area. Anyway to cut a long story short the 700 km return trip has been completed and it now keeps the low light company. Differences in the 2 are very little one has a spare wheel carrier the last obtained has been modified to a twist cable gear change instead of the rod change.

My question to the experts is????? I believe the low light was sent to places like Aust because of it not being considered  road worthy in the UK. Now my model does have provision for the light up front near bars. Can't find any reference in parts books etc.

Can hardly wait to mix some 2 struck fuel and give it a spin but expect it will be a bit of a non event after the other Duggies I have ridden. regards Alan   PS:-     Note the mod plates on the green one at the base and frame tunnel. I believe the frame was broken and repaired. Guess the owner over estimated the power of a Vespa and constant wheel standing has caused the break

( My Pair 001-750.jpg)

( My Pair 002-750.jpg)
Title: Re: Vespas Have I Lost the Plot ?????
Post by: Daren W Australia on 08 Feb 2009 at 06:59
Hi Alan I have a GL2 cable change and a GL rod change as well. You can still get the front decals from the UK. My rod has the headlight mounted up high check out,539.0.html my rod has been padock bashed out at Mudgee. The GL2 was bought from the original owner I have since fitted a new old stock crank and rod, ring and thorough going over of the motor and box next is the many dents Regards Daren
Title: Re: Vespas Have I Lost the Plot ?????
Post by: Alan Cun on 08 Feb 2009 at 11:24
Hello Darren, You certainly have some interesting mounts and I guess your priorities will be with the 600 models. I still have around six 600 models and  D 28 and D 29 models which are about 80% restored needing completion. With the S1 almost completed Des informs me he wants to do a Mk 5 for me so that he can use some of the left over parts to restore a Mk special for himself. So restoration on the vespas will have to wait. The green Vespa is road registered single seat and at about $220 for full road use per year. I guess maybe it will get an occasional run. regards Alan

PS and yes what made the trip worth while was included a complete Industrial 600 motor and tank complete with tank caps EW style and taps. Also some spares including the hydraulics for the early scissor lift truck. I love the mags on these motors although being low profile than the M2W2 they are usually very good goers.
Title: Re: Vespas Have I Lost the Plot ?????
Post by: Alan Cun on 03 May 2009 at 08:31
Hello All, Yesterday while watching a Channel 7 Aust TV show called Chrome which was a motoring show for Autos by Shannons an Aust wide Insurance and Auction Company. Anyway up pops a low light Vespa for auction, no reserve, as found condition. Think it started around $600 if I remember right it fetched Aust $ 6000 or was it $7000 (still haven't got over the shock) now with commission of another at least 10 % would you believe that at least 2 Aussies could be that keen on being a Vespa owner.

Sure makes me feel a bit easier for the around the $1400 it cost me for my one owner road registered specimen???????

regards Alan