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Title: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: Dirt Track on 20 Oct 2007 at 07:04
G'day all
A mate of mine has just bought a ripper Douglas.....engine prefix EL, frame prefix OF and g/box UG......a DT motor in a 1926 "TT" frame and gearbox...who says they are not still around! This one came out of a deceased estate in Sydney some time ago but has just been identified as mostly "TT".
I have asked for some photos and will post them when he sends them to me.
As I have said before all of the bikes that have come out of the woodwork in recent years are a compilation of models bolted together to keep them on the track.
I will be interested to see what this bike looks like.
I have told him "TT" sumps are being produced in the UK so he may want to invest in one.
I have known about this bike for a couple of years and did nothing about it.....I'm kicking myself now.
How many "TT" models are out there?
Title: Re: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: Alan Cun on 20 Oct 2007 at 11:21
Yes Howard think I know the one you mean if it is the same it was outside my front gate all packed away inside a Falcon panel van. Could see very little of it and wasnt really interested as it would be a double up on what I have. If it is the same bike I missed it about 25 years ago when it was swapped for a cedar table (I may be wrong) When I saw your posting I rushed out to the bike shed to check my 2 frame numbers but no amount of inox and the position of the tank could I read the letters. I do know though that one of mine is a 350 TT frame having 2 triangular holes in the gearbox mount same as OB. The 500 frame doesnt have the slots same as OC or DT. Both mine are fitted with DT style motors. One is a 600 the other a fully enclosed rocker 750 with the letters JAS. Anyway I will confirm the above after the Gatton Swap next weekend. Am also hoping for an unusual purchase there fingers crossed.    regards Al      Modified 22 Oct >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes I have confirmed by personal email we are talking about the same bike. Look forward to seeing the pics of it as it was too well hidden when it was at my front gate.
Title: Re: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: Alan Cun on 27 Oct 2007 at 07:52
Hello All, I can confirm that I am now the owner of a double sided Williams Douglas and Waratah sign that has come from the same deceased estate as the bike mentioned by Howard. Very happy about that as its the first enamel Doug sign I have set eyes on. And yes the background shows the treasure that I was able to add to my collection from the Gatton Swap. My pockets are a couple of grand Aussie dollars lighter but couldn't be happier. regards Al.  The reverse levers are (Swap Shop Wangaratta) good quality stainless and the Doherty ones (normal ! inch) now hard to get. The pistons are 69mm Kawa and will be used in 6oo's 28 and 29 also not shown are a set of 70mm all only slightly used.>>>>>>>>>>>.. For those not familiar with the name Waratah it was an Australian assembled bike using a Villiers Mark series motor of 125cc two stroke. A small gearbox with the shift lever rising from the box. The rear drive was by belt. A pretty bike but poor performer???????

Title: Re: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: Dirt Track on 28 Oct 2007 at 09:44
G'day Alan
Looks like you have done well at Gatton.....I have only been there once a few years ago now.
I have to say I have seen a few of these "Douglas & Waratah" signs of recent years....all the owners are convinced they are original but I am not!
Title: Re: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: Alan Cun on 28 Oct 2007 at 10:12
Gee Howard, Now you have me worried, I was fore warned the sign was arriving at the swap. I suggested 200 and he held up 5 fingers but we settled on that with the complete EIC thrown in. It certainly is a good fake if not original, but I am happy. A lot of the other bits shown were also pre arranged from a mate from Orange. The Veteran frame is 14 but sad and repairable. The vet forks were a good find. The backing plate and linings under the EIC is 8 inch BSA or Triumph, have had some success in putting them inside Doug drums.  Yes a fairly successful weekend but the heat and flies were a bit of a worry. regards Al >>>>>>>modified>>>>>>>> yes mine is the Williams Bros Sydney. The complete wheels with all brake parts are E29 or S models being 1/2 left hand thread axles. EW 600 s I have owned have 7/16 axles. OHV axles are R/H thread, the drums being on the opposite side of forks. And yes the wheels are 26x5 heavy weight with I think 8 or 9 gauge spokes. Havent measured them but the rims are probably about 1/4 inch or more wider than 350 rims.
Title: Re: Another ripper comes out of the woodwork.....
Post by: trevorp on 29 Oct 2007 at 07:54
there are a few reproductions of the sign about but the dealer was the william bros of sydney and at present there is an almost complete waratah on ebay