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Title: Douglas Books For Sale
Post by: alanr on 24 Mar 2007 at 15:45
I have 3 original Douglas books for sale.
They are all about A5 size not mint but very clean and good condition.
I imagine they are not worth a lot but would like them to go to a good home.

1. Handbook 2 3/4 HP with letter from Douglas dated 1930.
2. Spare Parts List TS & CW Models issued 1927
3. Description book 1927 OC 600 cc OHV quoting specs and prices.

If you have any interest please email me using the Personal Message link at the left.

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Title: Re: Douglas Books For Sale
Post by: wilfo098 on 23 Jan 2009 at 14:44
If anyone may be interested the Oxfam bookshop ,Gabriels Hill, Maidstone had pm yesterday 22nd Jan a fine copy of
the book  The Illustrated History of the Douglas Motorcycle Harold Briercliffe and Eric Brockway at 25 .Inside are 2 origional photo's of Graeme Brown  in I presume his front garden..A bit too dear at the moment for me...Regards, Alan