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Post by: ccew350 on 20 Feb 2007 at 19:22
Hi, I am a new member and wonder if someone can help. I have just resurrected some Douglas parts i have had for 30 odd years. I hope to rebuild an EW350. I have a frame no. MF12432, engine no. YE14635 and gearbox RG/C19738 plus some other parts. Would this be a 1926 or 1927 model.    I also have a lower part of an engine no. 25/B376 and a frame no. FZ248. Does anyone know what model they are. Many thanks. Colin. [ccew350]
Title: Re: HELP NEEDED identifying EW parts
Post by: Doug on 20 Feb 2007 at 22:01
Tables of engine, frame, and transmission prefixes and approximate dates can be found on the forum here:

The engine and frame numbers indicate 1926. The trans indicates 1927. One of the changes for 1927 was the trans mounts on extensions to the engine frame tubes. For 1926, the trans mounted on essentially a flat platform via four studs. In 1927, these stud held a clamping plate that grasped the frame tubes. You can see the changes in the 1927 catalog illustrations, but wether it was a running change in mid-1926 is not known. So you will want to look at your frame to see if you can use the transmission housing or not, perhaps it is a late '26 already incorporating the change. Another change is the earlier transmission had the shift lever to the rear of the box, and in 1927, it moved to the front. The pivot for the bellcrank  tube moved from behind the rear down tube, to the front of said tube, to accommodate.

The engine prefix 25/B is for a 250cc Comet of 1935, the proverbial "will not pull the skin off a rice pudding" model. Frame prefix FZ is for a Blue Chief model of 1935 (500cc side valve) but without the knock-out rear spindle option.


Title: Re: HELP NEEDED identifying EW parts
Post by: ccew350 on 22 Feb 2007 at 17:53
 Doug. Many thanks for your reply. It is most helpful, i will check the gearbox at the weekend, but believe the gearbox came with the frame and engine. I seem to have trouble opening the tables on the forum, but will try again. Regards, Colin.