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Title: 1951 Model 80 Plus
Post by: Dave on 06 Jan 2007 at 05:48
Photo courtesy of Brian


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Title: Re: 1951 Model 80 Plus
Post by: Brian on 02 Apr 2008 at 09:00
In response to Eddie's appreciated remarks on the "correctness" of machines depicted on "Photo Guide",I will add a few comments on my 80 Plus RWL 875. The machine was at one time in the Autocraft Collection at Brooklands,which was established by Brian Angliss when building the AC Cobra at the site. It was also a possession of the late Tiny Ayers who knew about Douglas specs. However, I found through remarks from learned
Post-War/Plus blokes that a few bits were incorrect.The Gear Lever was the standard Mark (Plus has shorter arm
to give more clearance for toe on Carb Bellmouth).That has ben rectified. I also had a Mark Chainguard which did
not have the larger mounting tab-bracket to allow for the Plus Sprocket-Size Change (which you cant do on a Mark)
The Transmission Shock-Absorber should be painted ,not polished(I'm leaving this anomaly as it is) and my Breather Mod (large rubber hose from Breather-Valve) is non-standard,as is the Prop Stand.The Breather Mod and Stand are regarded by me as "riders improvements" which every vehicle aquires in it life for practical use,such as Rear View Mirrors.The achievement of a "correct Plus" is not easy,as I have not found that there was ever a published "Plus Parts List",as such ,to check every single detail. Thankfully there are still LDMCC Members such as John Holmes, Neville Heath,and Chris Stretton who can put one right from real experience. Eddie's comment is a good thing, to remind innocent viewers of "galleries" such as "Photo Guide"that what they see may not necessarily be the full shilling.I feel priviledged that a photo of my m/c has been posted on the Forum.

Best wishes to all our voyeurs,

Title: Re: 1951 Model 80 Plus
Post by: Dave on 15 Nov 2008 at 06:49
Brian sent in another photo of his immaculate 80 Plus.

Title: Re: 1951 Model 80 Plus
Post by: Dave on 19 Nov 2008 at 05:25
And another ... plus a replacement for the photo in the first post. Thanks Brian, it looks great.

Title: Re: 1951 Model 80 Plus
Post by: trevorp on 22 Nov 2008 at 06:53
Wish i owned it very nice bike