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Title: My 1951 80Plus
Post by: Brian on 03 Jan 2007 at 09:14
The photo of my 1951 80Plus shows, in the nearside view, the graceful curve of a nonstandard elephant's trunk (3/4" bore hose) breather assembly.This replaces the filler cap with a BMW ReedValve built into an alloy housing which uses an adapter to the 3/4" BSPPara thread in the crankcase.The "adapter" has o-rings which seal it the the 'case and allow the thread to turn but not the valve-body,thus easing the top-up process with the "trunk" attached.Being the answer to a clean engine, on a similar flat-twin crankcase compressor,I reasoned it would be a help on the Dougie.The slightest breath opens the reed and similarly it closes instantly.Running,it seems to do the business,but road use will prove the point shortly.

Larger View (

The bike was at one time in the Brian Angliss Autocraft  Collection at Brooklands,alongside many famous and desireable makes/models .When the AC Cobra Autocraft Factory went down the collection was auctioned off in 1999,and the 80Plus came into the public domain again.Two owners later,I bought it after advertising in the LDMCC NCR Journal.It pays to advertise!
It was a typical ex-museum bike,needing a rewire and sundry other rework jobs.Apart from the Breather mod,I have tried to make the bike as original-spec as possible.I have received much good advice and help from John Holmes and Chris Stretton here in Scotland.
This spring I will find out how it goes.I would be pleased to hear from anyone who owned or knew of RWL 875 in the past. Tiny Ayers was one significant past owner.Can anyone tell me about Gerry Coley ??

Best Wishes to all Douglatisti

Brian Thorby

[photo added -Doug 03JAN07]
Title: Re: My 1951 80Plus
Post by: KiwiJohn on 06 Jan 2007 at 05:13
Looks great Brian,  she could be a twin for my 80Plus,  serial number 11408/80.  I have made a sidestand in the same position as yours and it has the air cleaner plus pillion seat and foot pegs. Unfortunately my tank was not good enough condition to chrome, otherwise they could be the same bike!
Title: Re: My 1951 80Plus
Post by: Brian on 06 Jan 2007 at 07:36
My Frame Number is 11411,how close can you get !

Your Tank is ok witha Silver Paint band instead of Chrome,as
I understand the Chrome ones were the odd ones out.
I assume your "wonky forks" are now pointing you in the right

All the best for 7.

Title: Re: My 1951 80Plus
Post by: KiwiJohn on 06 Jan 2007 at 19:06
The saga of the wonky forks continues, I did not try to fix them myself and they are not away with someone reputed to be able to fix such things!  In a week or two I should know, meanwhile I am here fingers crossed!