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Title: WW1 Douglas Colours
Post by: gsx1100s on 27 Jun 2006 at 22:59
I was wondering if anyone knows what colour ( and what part if any) was painted on the Douglas in army green during the war. As all photos I have seen of these bikes are in black and white , it is difficult to ascertain what was painted and what was left stock. I ask this as the frame of my 2 3/4  is green , although a lighter green that the usual army khaki. I would leave it if it is original but paint over it if not. Thanks in advance.

cheers Michael
Title: Re: WW1 Douglas Colours
Post by: Dave on 28 Jun 2006 at 03:15
Hi Michael,

This isn't WW1 and you may have already seen it on kynoch-douglas-parts (, but it's the only colour army Douglas photo I've come across and might be of interest.



Larger view (

The photo was sent in by Carlos Dondeo from Argentina in 2003.
Title: Re: WW1 Douglas Colours
Post by: Chris on 28 Jun 2006 at 05:46
I have also been making enquiries about the colours used in WW1. What is commonly referred to as 'Khaki' seems to have changed with time. The colour of most British army equipment is now more commonly known as Olive Drab which is definitely a shade of dark green. However I'm certain that in WW1 it was a shade of brown and I have been advised by a dealer in historic paint colours that 'dark earth brown' mixed by my Lechler agent is a reasonable facsimile. I have already painted a 'tin hat' (infantry steel helmet) in this colour and it looks OK. I am proposing to do the petrol tank in the same colour on my current 1916 despatch rider's mount restoration unless someone can come up with an even more original and accurate description of the khaki colour used in WW1.
Title: Re: WW1 Douglas Colours
Post by: gsx1100s on 28 Jun 2006 at 06:19
Thanks to you both for your replies. It looks as if the colour was more a whim than a stock colour . Chris have you any pictures of the current restoration ? If it's possible I'd love to see them.

cheers michael