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Title: Rear hub and brake drum or photos and drawings for TT/I.o.M. replica
Post by: Doug on 25 Apr 2006 at 04:37
Does anyone have the type of hub and brake drum shown below?  These are the hubs that were used on the 1926-1928 or so TT/I.o.M. replicas.  They are different from the conventional big twin road hubs in that they use a castellated spline (the joint of which is visible) rather than a conical serration.  I have a friend trying to restore a 1926 TT/I.o.M. replica, but the original hub and brake drum were lost.

He would like to acquire one, or even pictures and sketches of one to make anew.  Even I have never seen inside one to tell how it is put together.  The accompanying photograph I took some thirteen years ago at a LDMCC rally was a hub fitted to an DT based sprinter.

Can any one help?  PM or email to myself, see links to the left, or post below.  Thanks!


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