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2024-06-11, 20:02:05
Have you tried the new Drafts feature yet? I just lost a long message today and learned my lesson. It is a good idea to save a draft of any long post you are writing. You can then just keep writing and keep saving a draft, knowing you have a backup if there is a glitch. The draft is automatically deleted when you post the message.


2024-06-08, 18:30:04
For Sale
xman has two very nice 1950's machines available - a green 1950 mk4 and black 1951 mk5 - both in good condition and running well.


2024-06-07, 02:13:36


2024-06-03, 08:23:05
For Sale
Duncan has just listed his green and cream 1957 Dragonfly for sale with spares and documents.


2024-06-02, 08:34:05
Parts avalable
alistair still has parts available - barrels, carburettor, castings - see all listings.


2024-06-01, 18:33:27


2024-05-28, 00:09:46
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Thank you 
Forum News, Issues, Suggestions / Re: Show unread posts
Last post by Ian - Yesterday at 22:35
Ok thanks.
Hi have you still got this gearbox for sale.regards Ken Rogers
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Last post by Dave - Yesterday at 07:26
'All Unread Posts' is the most reliable option. It takes the date and time of your last visit and reads the database for everything posted since.      

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Since we moved to this new website, I have been comparing the results of 'Unread posts since last visit' and 'All Unread Posts' every time I visit. So far they have always been the same. So deleting the browser cookies will probably get things working properly again for you.

General Douglas Discussion / Re: Dragonfly clutch
Last post by eddie - Yesterday at 07:22
According to the illustration in the handbook, boss towards the gearbox.

Forum News, Issues, Suggestions / Re: Show unread posts
Last post by Ian - Yesterday at 06:41
That works fine. It's only the since last visit one.
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Last post by Dave - Yesterday at 06:35
Hi Ian,

Looking at the Recent Posts menu, what appears when you choose the last option 'All Unread Posts'?

Forum News, Issues, Suggestions / Show unread posts
Last post by Ian - Yesterday at 05:57
I have realised that I am not seeing new posts - I select the "show unread posts since last visit" and it says nothing there. I then look at recent posts and there are heaps since I last checked.
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General Douglas Discussion / Dragonfly clutch
Last post by Andy Smith - 11 Jul 2024 at 22:59
Sorry just a quick question building a Dragonfly engine which way dose the clutch plate fit boss towards the gearbox or toward the engine. Thanks Andy