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2024-06-11, 20:02:05
Have you tried the new Drafts feature yet? I just lost a long message today and learned my lesson. It is a good idea to save a draft of any long post you are writing. You can then just keep writing and keep saving a draft, knowing you have a backup if there is a glitch. The draft is automatically deleted when you post the message.


2024-06-08, 18:30:04
For Sale
xman has two very nice 1950's machines available - a green 1950 mk4 and black 1951 mk5 - both in good condition and running well.


2024-06-07, 02:13:36


2024-06-03, 08:23:05
For Sale
Duncan has just listed his green and cream 1957 Dragonfly for sale with spares and documents.


2024-06-02, 08:34:05
Parts avalable
alistair still has parts available - barrels, carburettor, castings - see all listings.


2024-06-01, 18:33:27


2024-05-28, 00:09:46
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I would like to have the Douglas EW600 documentation

Started by yoshimasa negishi, 19 Apr 2024 at 18:28

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yoshimasa negishi

My name is Yoshimasa Negishi

1927 Douglas Ew600 to register and ride in Japan
I am gathering materials.

Do you know of any sales catalogs or manuals that list the engine horsepower and maximum RPM for a 1927 EW600 or 1928 E28?

If you have the actual or electronic data of the documents, can you sell them to me?

Dads bike

Good afternoon Yoshimasa
Sorry I couldn't help directly but here are a couple of options,
Firstly the London Douglas club are advertising that they have a reprint of the hand book for the 1927 600cc Ew.
Second is the National motorcycle museum see attached pictures.


Thanks very much to Steve for sending in the clipping on the 1927 EW 600. Image added to his post above.

yoshimasa negishi

Hi Steve
Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for letting me know where to find the EW600 handbook for sale.
I purchased it as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to list engine horsepower.
I would like to know if the horsepower was listed in the sales brochure at the time.


Dads bike

Morning Yoshimasa
Been trying to find anything that details the 1927 600EW power output. This machine is I have to say a bit of an enigma! There are details of just about everything except the horse power. (The 1928 unit is equally as ambiguous.)
The 1927 350EW also throws further confusion, the sales sheet states 3.48hp whilst the specification write up states in excess of 10 hp?
The best I can come up with is the 1929 F.29 (600cc) which from what I can see is fundamentally the same engine unit as the 1927 600cc EW, the Douglas sales sheet for this advertise it as 5.9hp
Hope this is of some help

Dads bike

Dads bike

And more

Dads bike

Hello again yoshimasa
Don't know if your registration authority would accept this but this is how the taxable horse power was calculated back in the day.
Cylinder bore of 2.67inches, using the formula given would give a taxable horsepower for your 600cc EW of 5.7hp


Thanks for posting the above documents Steve.

Some cropped and rotated versions.

Douglas 1927 EW600

Douglas A29, D29, F29

Douglas 1927 Models

yoshimasa negishi

Hello Steve

Sorry for my late reply.

Thank you for the wonderful information on EW600.

I found out that there was no mention of actual horsepower in the catalog at the time.
I will ask the Japanese official if I can pass the registration examination with the tax system.

Thank you for your kindness.