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Douglas Motor Cycles Repro Books

Started by a47581, 09 Jun 2004 at 23:56

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Douglas Motor Cycles Repro Books

In the past, only a few reproductions of original Douglas literature were made, mainly because of the high cost of the small print runs, aged or damaged originals unsuitable for direct copy, and the very limited market. As a Douglas owner I wanted to improve matters.

The reproductions available here are complete books (NOT PHOTOCOPY), and are as near to the original publications as possible using modem materials. All reproductions include original printers marks etc, where applicable. Colour brochures and posters kept as close to the originals as possible although actual size can have small variations due to the capacity of my graphics printer. I am not a company, just a Douglas enthusiast like yourself working from home, restoring Doug's and providing this small service to fellow members.

John Withers.

How to Order
- To order, please send me an email or Personal Message using the links to the left, underneath my member name.
- (If you don't see the email link, please join using the Register link above and they will appear.)
- Any questions, please post a message in this topic using the Reply link.

- To assist in ordering, a part number is shown alongside price.
- All prices are shown in Australian Dollars.

- Post & packing within Australia,  please add $A3.00 per book.
- A maximum of 9 dollars for any quantity.

- UK orders please divide dollars by current exchange rate.
- Because of the high cost of Airmail to UK or USA please add 2.5 pounds or equivalent per book.
- A maximum of 9 pounds for any quantity.
- I can send Sea Mail for the same cost as Australian buyers but it can take up to eight weeks to arrive!

- Another option for Australian or overseas buyers with a credit card pay via Email me for details.
- No objection to cash from Australia, USA, or UK. (No sticky fmgers this end)
- International Bank Drafts in Australian Dollars please.
- No personal cheques or money orders from outside Australia, the banks charge to much to cash!!!
- Larger quantities available at special rates, please enquire.

2 3/4HP

2 3/4HP Instruction book, Manual, Spares & Specs 1911 models 80 pages Illustrated. $23 VET100  (All in one)
2 3/4HP Instruction book, Manual, Spares & Specs 1912 models 112 pages Illustrated. $25 VET100A  (All in one)
2 3/4HP Instruction book, Manual, Spares & Specs 1913 models 129 pages Illustrated. $26 VET103  (All in one)
2 3/4HP Instruction book, Manual, Spares & Specs 1916 models 116 pages Illustrated. $26 VET104  (All in one)
2 3/4HP Working Instructions & Spare Parts 1912~14 48 pages Illustrated.
Now with black cloth cover in envelope form as per original.                                            $18 VET101
2 3/4HP Duplicate Parts List 1911~12 11 pages.                                                              $5 VET102
2 3/4HP Clutch Hints on the care & Adjustment of the 1920 type (foldout)                       $6 VIN202B
2 3/4HP Clutch Instruction book for 1919/20/21(Pre flywheel clutch) 12 pages.               $8 VIN202A
2 3/4HP Handbook covers up to 1925 100 pages Comprehensive & Illustrated.              $23 VIN200
2 3/4HP Spare Parts List 1912~25 (June) 96 pages Illustrated restorers delight.            $23 VIN201
2 3/4HP Spare Parts List 1927 (March) T.S & C.W models 36 pages.                                $15 VIN201A
2 3/4HP List of Assembled Parts 1925 12 pages nicely Illustrated.                                   $8 VIN202
1925 Around a Continent.  A.W.Grady's epic trip around Australia on a CW. 36 pages.   $18 MIS413
1926 Machine of the year.  CW model brochure.                                                               $5 BRO514             

3 1/2HP

3 1/2HP Workshop Instruction Manual 45 pages OHV Sports Illustrated. $20 VIN203A
3 1/2HP Spare Parts List 1921~22 42 pages OHV Sports Illustrated. $20 VIN204A


4HP Handbook 1915-22, 107 pages Illustrated & Comprehensive. $23 VIN203
4HP Spare Parts List 1915-22, 56 pages. All parts fully Illustrated. $23 VIN204
1920 "Though the Khyber Pass" on a 4hp Douglas Full colour cover
and 8 pages of a memorable ride. Douglas publication.                  $10 MIS399

Douglas Year Catalogues

1915   Douglas Preliminary list of models. $15 CAT298
1920-21 Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT299 (With WD & ALL-ON supplement)
1921   British Built Douglas list of models $15 CAT299A
1921   The Douglas Program.         $7 CAT299B
1922   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT300
1923   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT301
1924   Illustrated Models for year. $15 CAT302
1925   Illustrated Models for year. $17 CAT303
1926   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT304
1928   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT305
1930   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT306
1932   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT306A
1937  Illustrated Models for year(Pride&Clark)  $15 MIS404
1938   Illustrated Models for year. $20 CAT307
1950   Illustrated Models for year. $17 CAT308
1950 All models "Shipshape & Bristol Fashion"
       Impressive and in glorious colour with full specs.  $24 CLA805A


1920 "Though the Khyber Pass" on a 4hp Douglas Full colour cover
and 8 pages of a memorable ride. Douglas publication.                  $10 MIS399
1923 "The 1923 TT" Douglas Illustrated booklet 36 page gem; Rare photo's,
          Lap by Lap, Trophies won etc. Laced as original.         $18 MIS412
1925 Around a Continent. A.W.Grady's epic trip around Australia on a CW 36 pages.   $18 MIS413
1926 'The Sidecar for your Douglas' Illustrated booklet. $8 MIS401
1926 BTH Electric lighting set Type PA Instruction book No 1320 As
fitted to Douglas machines 16 pages.   $12 MIS410
1927 "Secret History" Humourous (EW model) tour of Douglas factory by artist 'Grimes'. $14 MIS402
1927 Extra Equipment EW & OC models nicely illustrated $5 MIS405
1928 B&B Carburetters List No 27 Packed with info. $15 MIS409
1928 Royal Hotel Bristol.  Factory get together glossy brochure
marking 21 years of Douglas. 16 pages of inside info. $18 MIS411
1927 B&B Carburetters List no 27 Packed with information. $15 MIS409
1928 Lucas Motor-Cyclealities Electrical & Non-Electrical:
Shows all Gas&Elec lights, Batteries, Magnetos, Generators,
Horns, Mirrors, Oilers, & Tools etc fitted to mid twenties bikes.
Fully illustrated. An absolute must for the restorer. $23 MIS406
1938 'As Others See Us' Douglas testimonials. $9 MIS403

The 'Douglas Range' by Doug Frost, covers all years and models.
First published in the 70's a must for Douglas enthusiasts.
Reprint by the author.
Part one: 1907 to 1927  $15 MIS407
Part two: 1927 to 1939  $15 MIS408
Special if purchased together $27

Douglas Colour Brochures

1922 '100 mph' Story of Cyril Pullin's record $5.00 BRO501
1922 '1000 miles' Cyril Pullin's distance record $5.00 BRO504
1923 'I.O.M Douglas' Tom Sheard's epic win $5.00 BRO502
1924 6 colour model brochures in Douglas envelope $20 MIS400
1925 'Achievements in English competition $5.00 BRO503
1925 "85,000 on the road" TS,CW,SW,OB & RA. $5.00 BRO505
1926 'Less than pre-war price & better value!! $5.00 BRO500
1926 "Even better than ever" CW model $5.00 BRO514
1926 'Fighting Scotsman' 350cc E.W. model. $5.00 BRO509
1927 'Leader of the Pack' by Laurence H Cade $5.00 BRO600
1927 The 'Six Hundred' E.W.model. $5.00 BRO506
1928 The E28 600cc & B28 350cc models $5.00 BRO507
1929 Dirt Track 'Ridden by world champions' $5.00 BRO517
1934 The 150 cc Two Stroke model. $5.00 BRO508
1934 The 350cc Yl & 500cc Y2 models $5.00 BRO510
1934 The 500cc O.W & 600cc 0.W.1 $5.00 BRO512
1935 The 500cc Endeavour model $5.00 BRO513
1938 The 600cc D.C/38 model. $5.00 BRO511
1951 The 350cc Mark 5 model $5.00 BRO515
1954 Dragonfly
1955 Dragonfly
1957 Dragonfly All three for $6.00 BRO516

Colour Posters

1926 16x16inch Double sided. 350cc Complete EW Model.
$6.50  POS600.
1931 20 x 17inch Double sided 350cc featuring the A/31 & B/31 models. Has smaller pictures of the C/31, D/31, E/31, F31, S.W.5 & Dirt Track models.
$8.50 POS602.
1931 "Scotsman on bike cover" Double sided 20x18inch Complete range for the year.
$8.00 POS603.
1936 22 x18 inch Aero 250, 350, 500, 600, Aero 500 Endeavour and Sidecars.
$7.50 each POS601.
1926 Beautiful Colour Print by Grimes. EW being followed by OC & Sidecar. 10x16inch on A2.
$14.50 POS604.


OB & OW ohv Instruction Book 1925 (april) 16 pages Illustrated   $16   VIN205
OC Booklet 1927 16 pages Illustrated   $14   VIN206
DIRT TRACK Spare Parts List 1929 22 pages   $14   VIN207
DIRT TRACK "Ridden by World Champions" 1929 brochure.  $5 BRO517.


EW350 Brief Running Inst (Early Cover laced as original) 1926, 26 pages $20 VIN208
EW350 Brief Running Inst (Late Cover laced as original) 1927, 27 pages $20 VIN208A
Care & Maintenance EW350 1925 - 1927, 28 page Illustrated $20 VIN210
Care & Maintenance 350 all models 1926-30, 32 page Illustrated $20 VIN211
Spare Parts List EW350 1927 (march) 32 page $18 VIN209
Spare Parts List A28, B28, C28, B29 & L29 1928-29 36 pages $20 VIN212
Illustrated Booklet of Tool Kit as supplied with EW models $7 VIN212A
Illustrated Booklet of Lighting Set as supplied for EW models $7 VIN212B (Also see MIS410)
EW350 Booklet 1926, 32 pages "Leader of the Pack" Good Illustrations $18 VIN213
EW350 Booklet 1927, 20 pages "Three Fifty"   Good Illustrations $17 VIN213A
1926 Complete EW Poster 16x16inch Double sided  $6.50 POS600
1926 "Fighting Scotsman" EW model brochure.  $5 BRO509
1927 "Extra Equipment" EW & OC models nicely Illustrated. $5 MIS405
1927 "Leader of the Pack" EW Douglas brochure by L.H.Cade. $5 BRO600.


EW600 Handbook 1927-28 40 pages Illustrated $23 VIN214
EW600 Spare Parts List 1927-28 48 pages Fully Illustrated $23 VIN215
EW600 Handbook, 1927-29 44 pages Includes Saddle tank models   $23 VIN216
EW600 Booklet 1927 12 pages Illustrated $8   VIN217
EW600 Brochure 1927 "The Six Hundred EW"  $5 BRO506
EW600 Brochure 1928 "E28 600cc/B28 350cc. $5 BRO507

S5,S6 & T6

S5,6 T6 Care & Maintenance 1930 32 pages Fully Illustrated $23 PVIN700
S5,6 T6 and C,D&E31 Spare Parts 46 pages Fully Illustrated $23 PVIN701


A, B, C & OHV K & M models Care & Maintenance 1932 $23 PVIN702
1931 Poster A31 B31 plus all models for the year. 20x17inch Double sided. $8.50 POS602
1931 Complete Range Coloured Scotsman Cover. 20x16inch Double sided.  $8.00 POS603

Aero models

DC38 List of spare parts & prices of the 600cc Douglas 1938 $8 PVIN703
DC38 Brochure for 600cc D.C/38 model.

Mark Series

T.35 Preliminary Notes & Maintenance Instructions (First instructions for early T.35) June 1947
(Type.written on foolscap, reproduced exactly as per the original)  $7 CLA799
T-35 Operation & Maintenance 1947 82 pages Comprehensive $24   CLA800
T.35 Four section, double sided full colour brochure 1946 $6.50 CLA800A
Mark 1, 3 & Sports, 4 & Sports and Mark 5 Spare Parts list 112 pages 1946-195 1 Fully Illustrated $24   CLA801
Mark Maintenance Manual (inc Plus & Comp) 1948-1954 80 pages llustrated $24 CLA802
Plus Series Maintenance Instructions 1950-51, 10 pages $8 CLA803
Plus Series Complete description & specifications in booklet form 12 pages $8 CLA804
'Shipshape & Bristol Fashion' 1950 All the MK, Plus models and Factory in full colour with specificafions. Very suitable for framing $24 CLA805A
1951 350cc Mark 5 Brochure.   $5 BRO515

LUCAS Electrical Equipment Including Illustrated Spare Parts List, Wiring Diagram, Service Notes and Test Data. $7.50 CLA804A


DRAGONFLY Maintenance Manual 55 pages Illustrated $24 CLA805
DRAGONFLY Spare Parts List 72 pages Fully Illustrated $24 CLA806
1954/55/57 Dragonfly Brochures. All three for $7 BRO516

MILLER A. C. Electrical Equipment as fitted to the Douglas Dragonfly. Including Illustrated Spares List, Circuit Diagram and full Maintenance & Test Specifications. $7.50 CLA807
MILLER Maintenance & Running Instructions for A.C. Generator Set fitted to the Dragonfly, this booklet as originally supplied with machine. (Not as comprehensive as CLA 807) $6.00 CLA807A

Douglas Industrial Engines

Operation & Maintenance Handbook (Twin Cylinder) 2 3/4 KVA Generating Set 100 pages $24 IND900
Operation & Maintenance Handbook (Single Cylinder) 450, 540, 630 & 770cc 36 pages $I9 IND901

2009 issue. Supersedes previous lists.

Printable version of the catalogue in pdf format

Expansion of this service requires rare originals. If you have any Douglas material not listed in the above catalogue and prepared to loan them for scanning, they will be treated with utmost care and returned with two free reproductions of your choice.

Reproduction Douglas Literature


Could you please scan maybe the first few pages of VIN200 and VIN201 and send me a copy as I am not sure which one of these would be more suitable for my restoration project.  If they are suitable I will order the books.
Cheers Glenn


Glen, Scanning would not help you as they are both applicable to the 2 3/4 hp Douglas. one is the comprehensive handbook that came with the bike and the other is the spare parts list with an illustration of every part. They both cover the 2 3/4 hp up to and including 1925.  Regards. John Withers.
Reproduction Douglas Literature


Hi  John

I have a 80 Plus , built August 1951.  I have the T.35 Operation and Maintenance Handbook which is in a thoroughly used condition.

My intention is to order the corresponding 80 Plus handbook to replace it but before doing so I would like you to please recommend which of your products including poster and promotion material would also be applicable to my bike.


John Hill
New Zealand


John, If your machine is an 80 plus, the T35 Operation and Maintenance book that you have would not be correct for your bike.  The Mark Maintenance Manual 1948 ~ 1954 which includes the Plus & Comp, would be the book supplied with the bike originally.  If you require this, the part Number is; CLA802 cost AU$22.00.  I also have in stock the Plus Series Maintenance Instructions; CLA 803 cost AU$7.00 and the Plus Series Complete description & specifications booklet; CLA804 cost AU$7.00  If you require futher information my email is Regards. John Withers.
Reproduction Douglas Literature


john have just bought a copy of motorcycling in australia 1947 it has a full page ad for the mk 1 douglas r u interested


Yep,  please tell me more..


Speedway Researcher

When Peter Lipscombe ran The Vintage Speedway magazine he re-published an advert sheet / brochure for Douglas dirt track machines.  The Vintage Magazine has changed hands but you can contact current owners via their own web site to see if they still have copies.

The Vintage Speedway site can be found here.


This Douglas literature reprint service has been discontinued for the time being.  Note added to original posting (advert.)


Simon Giles

Hi Doug,
Is there any 26 EW reference manual source available? Looks like John Withers had a great service.
I'm starting to use my machine seriously and would love any original or reproduction operating and tech manuals.



There were two EW handbooks and two spares lists reprinted over the years. Neither handbook was what i would call super-comprehensive, but better than nothing I suppose. I have not seen a spares list for the 350EW that was illustrated. The LDMCC has started a program of reprinting some of the Douglas literature, from originals donated to their archives. They have a 1930 edition of the "Care of the 350 EW" book for seven quid.