australian Douglas Centenary Rally

Moss Vale - New South Wales
18 - 21 april 2007



















See you there Scottie!








For viewers from States of Australia not as familiar with the mountain regions of South Western New South Wales as the NSWelshmen may be and for those from overseas countries, below is a map of Australia overlaid on an larger scale map of New South Wales showing the location of the Southern Highlands relative to the City of Sydney. The area is within a little more than one hours drive from the City of Sydney via the M5 South Western Motorway signed as National Highway 31 and called the Hume Highway.


Below is a road map of the NSW Southern Highlands, the general area in which it is proposed to hold the Douglas Centenary Rally. The M5 Motorway by-passes the townships. The main roads servicing the towns and the rural roads linking them are ideal for the Rally - they are well maintained, safe and traffic is usually light to moderate - and the scenery is unparalleled. Note that Moss Vale, the township selected to be the hub for the Rally is central to the area. It is within 15 to 30 minutes drive of the towns on Mittagong, Berrima, Bowral and East Bowral.


Visit the Douglas Forum site to read more about Moss Vale and the other nearby townships and what they have to offer by way of scenic beauty, colonial architecture, parks and gardens, forest reserves, restaurants and accommodation houses.