australian Douglas Centenary Rally

Moss Vale - New South Wales
18 - 21 april 2007

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Development of this site is ongoing. Some pages are at present incomplete. New information and pictures will be added from time to time and news of further Rally planning will be published here by the Planning Committee as decisions are made. In the meantime, members of and other interested viewers are advised to revisit regularly.

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The Rally, to be supported by the Classic and Enthusiasts Motor Cycle Club of New South Wales, is being planned to celebrate the centenary of the commencement of the manufacture of Douglas motorcycles in Bristol, UK, by Douglas Motor Cycles Limited. The first motorcycle was produced by the Company in 1907. Manufacture ceased in 1957 so coincidentally the year 2007 is both the centenary year of the beginning of Douglas and the 50th. anniversary of the last production of these uniquely successful machines.

Testament to the enormous success and popularity of the Douglas motorcycle is the ongoing interest in restoration of old Douglas machines that is occurring today, a phenomenon ever growing in momentum all around the world. Absolute basket-cases of rusty old derelict Douglas machines are being unearthed and brought back to original pristine condition by enthusiasts the world over.

Further testifying to the popularity of the marque, the London Douglas Motor Cycle Club since its founding in 1928 has become the International Club for Douglas owners now having a membership of about 1100 enthusiasts worldwide. The Australian Douglas Discussion Forum started as recently as 2005, already has a membership exceeding 200 people and has quickly become an important centre of reference for Douglas enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand. It has also attracted quite a number of members and viewers from other countries around the world, some of whom are known to be members of the LDMCC also. The LDMCC is also planning to celebrate the occasion of the Douglas Centenary in England.

Given the large number of Douglas owners and enthusiasts of the marque in Australia and New Zealand we, as members of the Douglas Discussion Forum at think it is appropriate that the occasion of the Centenary be celebrated in Australia too. What better way is there to celebrate the historic occasion but by the holding of an Australian Douglas Centenary Rally? We hope that all Douglas motorcycle owners and enthusiasts of the marque will agree.

We therefore urge all Douglas owners in Australia and New Zealand and any other overseas Douglas enthusiasts who have a yen to travel to support this historic event by attending and taking part in it. See you there!

Subscribed by the Australian Douglas Centenary Rally Planning Committee comprised of members of the Australian Douglas Discussion Forum.