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TS Wheels
« on: 14 Jul 2017 at 13:14 »
Thought I would share this information with fellow forum members.
I wanted to have a go at rebuilding the Wheels for my 1922 TS myself, mainly due to the cost and 4 week turn around of the local Wheel builders. I did a bit of hunting online and found 11 Gauge Spokes at a very good price for sale at Husky Bicycles online store in the US for $14.55 US per box of 50. Yes for 50 Spokes including nipples. So I bought 150 spokes at that price. The Length I ordered was 266 mm and they turned out to be the perfect length.
Link to Husky Bicycles online Store
I also purchased some beautifully crafted and well priced rims from Steve Hood of Vintage Rims at Kingaroy Qld. His email is
I had a wheel to copy but it still took me Three attempts due to the slight hole offset between Left and Right sides of the hub. Once I worked that out it was a breeze.
Results below, built for less than $200 including the brand new rim.

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Re: TS Wheels
« Reply #1 on: 18 Jul 2017 at 01:40 »
Well done Glenn. I have a lot of fun building wheels and it's always good to see others having a go. Perhaps a hint: make sure you stress relieve the wheel before the final tensioning of the spokes. It's usually enough to go around the wheel one side at a time, grabbing adjacent cross-over points and giving them a good hard squeeze. This helps the whole wheel to bed in.

By the way, the spoke holes are always offset by half a hole from one flange to the other; without this offset you'd need two different length spokes.